Essentials of GPS

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Reviewed by Dr I V Murali Krishna Professor and Head, Jawaharlal Nehru, Technological University, Hyderabad

The 2nd edition of the book contains questions included after each chapter, which makes it more useful for students and teachers of colleges and universities, where GPS is being taught. It qualifies now to be introduced as textbook. Some new articles on GPS by the author, which have been published in various journals, have been included in the book. The book contains fundamental and essential information required for students, teachers and practicing, surveyors, scientists and all those who are using GPS in anyway.

It has chapters on Geodesy, Indian Geodetic Datum, WGS 84, DGPS, GPS Observable, Errors, Applications and Definitions. It also contains useful and interesting articles on various aspects of GPS by the author.

The book covers entire syllabus of the subject GPS of courses M. Tech. (SIT) and M. Tech. (RS and GIS) of JNTU Hyderabad. The book will be extremely useful to the students and teachers of Geodesy, GPS, Geology, Geography, Geo-Physics, Science, Engineering, Geophysics, Oceanography, space sciences etc., and all those who are interested in GPS. This is the first Indian book on GPS and priced moderately. Shri Agrawal deserves congratulations for bringing out 2nd edition. I recommend it as a valuable book for students, teachers and professionals.

The author, Mr. NK Agrawal

can be contacted at

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