Book Review

Nov 2006 | Comments Off on Book Review
lpiThe new book, Local Positioning Systems, explores the different types of indoor, urban, and seamless indoor–outdoor location-aware applications, their requirements in terms of the infrastructure needed to support them, and the current limitations. The book gives detailed coverage on the most promising

technologies, which are WLAN fi ngerprinting, RFID positioning, and indoor positioning with non-radiolocation positioning with infrared and ultrasound. The book also addresses the problems

created by the lack of a common, integrated approach to universal positioning technologies, a lack which drives the current demand for stand-alone, vertically-integrated (hardware/software) solutions. The TV-GPS positioning technology that is featured in the book has the promise for enabling seamless indoor– outdoor positioning. LBS has been trying to become the “killer app” but privacy, indoor coverage, and market awareness are still pending issues. This book addresses all of these issues.

The chapters of the book describe the design and implementation of several positioning systems and real-world applications and show how these tools are being used to solve problems that can be related to the reader’s own applications. This book is a result of 4 years of research that began at MIT. visit the book’s website at

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