Geographical Information System: Concept and Business Opportunities

Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Geographical Information System: Concept and Business Opportunities

22 A book on Geographical Information System pertaining to Indian conditions was long awaited. This book under review in a way tries to fill this void. The authors in the Preface have mentioned that the objective of this publication is to promote GIS technology in India. The language has been made simple in order to make the subject easily understandable. Though the book is designed for exploring business opportunities using GIS, but it may meet some requirements of a text book on GIS – however, the intention of the authors was not so.

The book can be divided into two parts : (a) conceptual, and (b) examples of business models. A few chapters in the beginning and at the end are related to the history of development of cartography in India, GIS concepts, spatial data infrastructure and the like. The remaining chapters deal with different business models in GIS which have been successful however the degree may differ.

It is surprising to note that so much business can be generated with this technology. The GIS enterprise is not only restricted to this technology per se, but integration with other technologies such as remote sensing, soft photography, communication and information technology, has given a variety of options in developing business models. These applications can be in the fields of resource management, infrastructural development, public access, decision support system or law enforcement. However, most of the examples have been taken from abroad. Perhaps Indian case studies would have made this book more interesting to Indian business developers. Nevertheless, in the chapter on Status of GIS in India, tries to make up for this gap.

The book includes several appendices pertaining to the map policy, NSDI, GIS software, vendors, web addresses, recommended books and an exhaustive bibliography. There are several coloured photographs which enhances the quality of the publication. As claimed by the authors, if India is to become a hub for GIS BPO, this book will prove to be handy. There lies a great potential for generating employment in GIS in the country. This book will not only be helpful for business entrepreneurs but also for teaching in GIS.

The book is dedicated to Jack Dangermond, President ESRI for promoting all over the world.

Dr Prithvish Nag and Dr Smita Sengupta
Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi,
2007, P. 520, Rs 1500 (HB), Rs 300 (PP).

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