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Sep 2020 | No Comment

Hyundai Robotics and Hyundai E&C to develop construction robots
Hyundai Robotics, Korea’s No. 1 industrial robot producer, has joined hands with Hyundai E&C to develop construction robots. Through this MoU, both companies will jointly carry out
• The development of robots working at construction sites
• Mobile service robot business
• Development of core technologies …

Jul 2020 | No Comment

iQSTEL’s adds GSM Network and GPS Tracking Support
iQSTEL Inc. has announced that its subsidiary IoT Labs MX  has completed the circuit board upgrades for the new generation of the IoT (Internet of Things) Smart Gas field devices.
The original IoT Smart Gas platform was limited to the Sigfox communications infrastructure for IoT devices. Our in-house development …

May 2020 | No Comment

NavVis IndoorViewer 2.6
NavVis has announced the release of NavVis IndoorViewer 2.6. It includes a new measurement tool that lets users take highly accurate measurements based on point clouds in realistic browser-based digital buildings. This release also makes additional features available to structured e57 point cloud files, including automatically generating highly detailed floor plans and …

Mar 2020 | No Comment

Next generation platform “Medallion GPS PRO” for Light-commercial fleets
IGEN Networks Corporation a leading innovator of cloud-based and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the protection and management of mobile assets, has announced its launch of its Next Generation “Medallion GPS PRO” product line targeted for Light Commercial Fleets for US markets. It is a …

Feb 2020 | No Comment

Iridium Cloud Connect goes live
Iridium Communications Inc. has announced that Iridium CloudConnect, the first and only satellite cloud-based solution offering truly global coverage for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, is now actively serving customers. This new service combines Iridium® IoT capabilities with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT and cloud services extending customers’ IoT reach …

Jan 2020 | No Comment

SK Telecom, Samsung set sail with 5G autonomous navigation platform
SK Telecom and Samsung Heavy Industries set sail with their 5G-based autonomous navigation platform, which will allow ships to move and set destinations on their own. Samsung provided 3.3m craft for the trial, which SK Telecom equipped with LIDAR at a shipyard covered by its …

Dec 2019 | No Comment

ITU devising ‘Driving Test’ for the AI ‘Drivers’
A new ITU Focus Group on ‘AI for autonomous and assisted driving’ will work towards the establishment of international standards to monitor and assess the performance of the AI ‘Drivers’ steering automated vehicles. The group is open to all interested parties. Building public trust in automated vehicles will …

Nov 2019 | No Comment

Locix launches SmartLPS
Locix has launched its SmartLPSTM solution that digitizes, analyzes, and displays real-time and historical operations for workers, assets, and inventory in warehouses through its patented WiFi-based local positioning system (LPS). It demonstrated the efficacy and accuracy of the solution through an extended trial with MITSUI-SOKO Supply Chain Solutions (MSCS) and Prologis in …

Oct 2019 | No Comment

Actility and Hiber join forces to power remote iot connectivity
Actility, the leading LoRaWAN connectivity provider and Hiber, the startup nano-satellite powered IoT network, have announced that they are collaborating to enable LoRaWAN connectivity in the remote and developing parts of the globe that until now haven’t had access to a network. IoT (Internet of …

Sep 2019 | No Comment

BasicAI OnPrem data labeling platform
BasicAI has announced the availability of a suite of enterprise software designed to enable organizations to directly manage the often complicated and time-consuming data annotation process in their own secure environments, either on-premises or in a private cloud deployment.
BasicAI OnPrem represents a groundbreaking approach to proprietary labeled data set creation and …