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Aug 2019 | No Comment

Improve bridge inspections using robotics technology
Powerful robotics technology developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo makes critical bridge inspections cheaper and more reliable by automating the process. The new system combines autonomous robots, cameras and lidar – a remote sensing method using lasers — to systematically collect data for defect detection and analysis.
“We can …

Jul 2019 | No Comment

Cybersecurity from Space: Canada Invests in Quantum Technology
The Canadian Space Agency’s Quantum EncrYption and Science Satellite (QEYSSat) mission will test quantum technology that protects communications in space. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is awarding a contract worth $30 million to Honeywell for the design and implementation phases of the QEYSSat mission, according to press …

Jun 2019 | No Comment

Government of India to expand Skill India to include AI and IoT
Government of India will soon launch a nation-wide strategy to train the youth in the country to create capable personnel of handling new developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and machine learning. The government of India has identified 6 sectors …

May 2019 | No Comment

Netherlands forms task force to assess 5G security risks
The Dutch government has said it had established a special task force to weigh potential security risks as it prepares to build a 5G telecommunications network.
The announcement came after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said his government was still exploring options for 5G and had …

Apr 2019 | No Comment

Innoviz Technologies to accelerate solid-state LiDAR production
Innoviz Technologies has raised $132 million in Series C funding. This significant raise will support Innoviz’s commercialization of its leading InnovizPro and InnovizOne solid-state LiDAR solutions and address growing demand for cutting-edge autonomous vehicles (AV) technologies worldwide.
Velodyne achieves half a billion dollars in Lidar sensors shipped …

Mar 2019 | No Comment

Transformation in autonomous marine operations using robotic arm
Marine-i, the EU funded programme set up to boost marine innovation in Cornwall, has made a grant award to specialist marine technology company, Submarine Technology Ltd (STL). STL has opened a new office in Penryn, Cornwall, UK, to focus on designing and building their futuristic robotic arm, …

Feb 2019 | No Comment

3D LiDAR sensor by SOS LAB
SOS LAB has introduced its new and improved 3D LiDAR sensor to the international market recently. In addition to their 3D hybrid LiDAR for autonomous vehicles, SOS LAB displayed their 2D scanning LiDAR for auto-guided vehicles and drones, and their 2D solidstate LiDAR, used in security systems to detect …

Jan 2019 | No Comment

Actifio teams up with Onix
Actifio, enterprise Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) software provider, has announced an alliance with Onix, provider of cloud computing solutions and consulting services. This alliance will provide Onix customers with a powerful cloud infrastructure backed by data replication and disaster recovery services powered by Actifio, allowing enterprises to bring their on-premise environment to the …

Dec 2018 | No Comment

Navigation without relying on satellites
The UK’s first quantum accelerometer for navigation has been demonstrated by a team from Imperial College London and M Squared.
Most navigation today relies on a GNSS, such as GPS, which sends and receives signals from satellites orbiting the Earth. The quantum accelerometer is a self-contained system that does not rely on …

Nov 2018 | No Comment

Kinesis keeps markovitz fleet on track with integrated telematics
UK building supply company M Markovitz is using Kinesis telematics to track and manage its fleet of delivery trucks and staff cars. Integrated with fuel cards from UK Fuels, Kinesis delivers real time GPS monitoring of a vehicle’s exact location improving customer service with more accurate …