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Improve bridge inspections using robotics technology

Powerful robotics technology developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo makes critical bridge inspections cheaper and more reliable by automating the process. The new system combines autonomous robots, cameras and lidar – a remote sensing method using lasers — to systematically collect data for defect detection and analysis.

“We can do more than humans now do – and do it much better in every way,” said Sriram Narasimhan, an engineering professor at Waterloo. “It is very inexpensive because you don’t need as many inspectors relying on specialized equipment such as lifts and you get much higher quality information.”

Narasimhan, a Canada Research Chair in Smart Infrastructure, said current practices create an inspection system that is subjective, less repeatable and often imprecise because it is based, at least in part, on educated guesswork. The automated system, by contrast, eliminates the subjectivity of human inspectors, and is both repeatable and reliable, with the ability to precisely measure the size of defects and reveal invisible, subsurface problems with infrared cameras. It is designed so that the results from one inspection can be overlaid on previous inspection results on a detailed map displaying dozens of key vulnerable areas of the subject bridge.

AI for agriculture in Government of Canada-funded network

MDA has announced its partnership in a network team led by Alberta Innovates that was selected by the Government of Canada for a Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) investment. The Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) will bring technology and agri-food companies together with academic partners to create new solutions that improve competitiveness and drive growth in both the agriculture and technology sectors. Within the network, MDA will conduct a program of research and technology development to advance enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies with applications in the agriculture sector. MDA will also advance core data collection and data management technologies that use multiple sensor types, including hyperspectral imaging. In cooperation with its network partners, MDA will field the core AI and data technologies in a series of information service demonstrations, including those targeted at applications related to precision farming and supply chain management.

Nowigence launches game-changing Artificial Intelligence platform

Nowigence has released Pluaris capable of extracting relevant content from various sources used in your day-today work and organizing, storing, and delivering tailored intelligence as per your preferences in ready-to-use formats.

Nowigence is an up and coming SaaS company that utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to automatically extract and synthesize sales intelligence from both unstructured and structured data.

OpenAI joins hands with Microsoft

Microsoft and OpenAI have partnered to further extend Microsoft Azure’s capabilities in large-scale AI systems. Through this partnership, the companies will accelerate breakthroughs in AI and power OpenAI’s efforts to create artificial general intelligence (AGI). The resulting enhancements to the Azure platform will also help developers build the next generation of AI applications.

The companies will focus on building a computational platform in Azure of unprecedented scale, which will train and run increasingly advanced AI models, include hardware technologies that build on Microsoft’s supercomputing technology, and adhere to the two companies’ shared principles on ethics and trust. This will create the foundation for advancements in AI to be implemented in a safe, secure and trustworthy way and is a critical reason the companies chose to partner together.

Trimble launches cloudbased TMW.Suite

Trimble has announced that its TMW. Suite and TruckMate transportation management system (TMS) solutions are now available via a cloud-based subscription model. TMW.Suite and TruckMate are two of Trimble’s flagship TMS solutions, which enable transportation and logistics providers to better manage their transportation operations and improve efficiencies throughout their organization.

Built on decades of experience, Trimble’s TMW.Suite and TruckMate have been carefully bundled and backed by prescriptive implementation and training options. The cloud-based options provide an ideal solution for both asset and non-asset based companies of all sizes looking to implement a scalable TMS without the need for on-site servers or extensive IT oversight—saving money and improving outcomes. On-premise options will continue to be available as well.

51VR initiated China’s first autonomous driving simulation bluebook

Under the guidance of industry experts, the bluebook unveils the current development of China’s automated driving simulation and serves as a tool to OEMs, suppliers, startups, testing agencies, etc.

Lately, China’s first self-driving simulation blue book “Annual Research Report on Autonomous Vehicle Simulation in China (2019)”, initiated by 51VR, was released recently.

Compiled from the opinions of many industry experts, the Bluebook is the first comprehensive reference book on the development status of China’s automated driving simulation test. It combines the cutting-edge research results of current academic institutions and leading Chinese companies and deals with all areas of automated driving simulation testing. The book includes thesignificance of simulation test, method applications, technical solutions, the current status of software, virtual scene database, demonstration area testing mode, the introduction of simulation testing standards, challenges and trends.

The Bluebook provides an opportunity for communication and learning in the autonomous driving industry, and makes an introduction to 51Sim-One, which is China’s first full-function automated driving simulator and testing platform. It integrates multi-sensors simulation, traffic flows and intelligent objects simulation, perception and decision simulation, and automated driving behavior training. Based on precise and real-time physic modeling, the simulation platform is widely used in R&D, testing and validation of autonomous driving products. It can quickly accumulate automated driving experiences for users, ensure product performance, safety and reliability, accelerate product development speed and reduce development cost.

Volkswagen, Ford move towards partnership in autonomous vehicles

Volkswagen and Ford could be headed for a possible partnership for the development of autonomous vehicles as reported by Bloomberg. According to the report, the deal could include an investment in Ford’s autonomous sideproject Argo AI, which the carmaker has been backing through investment deals.

MADD partnership with Velodyne LiDAR

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has announced to partner for a second year with Silicon Valley-based Velodyne Lidar, Inc. The partnership continues a public education effort across the country on the safety benefits of autonomous vehicle technology.

Drunk driving is a violent and preventable crime that kills someone every 48 minutes in the United States. MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving is working toward eradicating this crime through four key elements that include supporting high visibility law enforcement, ignition interlocks, support for advanced vehicle technology, and building public support. Velodyne’s work with autonomous vehicle technology is a natural complement to MADD’s support for future technologies.

Postmates selects Ouster LiDAR for autonomous delivery rover

Ouster, a leading provider of highresolution LiDAR sensors used for autonomous vehicles, robotics, and mapping, announced that Postmates, selected the Ouster OS1 LiDAR sensor for use in its Serve autonomous delivery rover deploying first in Los Angeles. The LiDAR delivers an industry-leading combination of performance, lightweight, value and reliability that enables Serve to seamlessly and safely navigate sidewalks, detect pedestrians, and interact with the community.

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