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Actifio teams up with Onix

Actifio, enterprise Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) software provider, has announced an alliance with Onix, provider of cloud computing solutions and consulting services. This alliance will provide Onix customers with a powerful cloud infrastructure backed by data replication and disaster recovery services powered by Actifio, allowing enterprises to bring their on-premise environment to the cloud. With this alliance, Onix and Actifio will collaborate to deliver clients powerful infrastructures teamed with data replication and disaster recovery insurance.

Altran collaborates with Wirepas to develop LBS solutions

Altran, leader in engineering and R&D services, has signed a partnership with Wirepas to extend its range of localization solutions services. As a part of its portfolio, Altran provides solutions to solve asset tracking issues thanks to location-based services leveraging an end-to-end, modular and technology-agnostic architecture, from physical devices to backend platform and applications.

FCC to investigate Mobility Fund coverage mapping

With more than $4.5 billion at stake over the next decade, the Federal Communications Commission has launched an investigation into the accuracy of maps representing national carriers’ LTE coverage in rural areas that would potentially qualify for federal subsidies.

The accuracy of those maps in representing in granular detail which parts of the country have acceptable LTE coverage and speed is a major factor in determining whether a particular area will receive federal funding as part of Mobility Fund II, which will pump $4.53 billion in subsidies into expanding rural LTE coverage over the next 10 years.

The maps were published in 2018 based on a one-time collection of LTE coverage data and subsidy data from the Universal Service Administrative Company; commercial mobile network operators contributed their own coverage data to that effort. Initially, the FCC established a 150-day window for interested parties — mostly rural wireless operators who could potentially serve those areas with support from MF-II if the areas are deemed insufficiently served by nonsubsidized LTE coverage — to file challenges to those coverage maps, including speed test data to back up their challenges.

Tesla tests Autopilot navigation for traffic lights and roundabouts

Tesla has teased that Navigate on Autopilot will gradually handle more and more driving responsibilities, but those aren›t just fanciful long-term plans – they’re very much on the roadmap for the near future. In the midst of a public pitch for Navigate on Autopilot, Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla is currently testing «traffic lights, stop signs & roundabouts» in pre-release software. It›s hard not to be a bit skeptical of Musk›s claim that you›ll soon travel to work with «no driver input at all,» but this is promising if the very thought of entering a busy roundabout makes you nervous.

Connected and Autonomous Commercial Vehicles Face Daunting Cyber Threats

New analysis by Frost & Sullivan, “Automotive Cybersecurity Emerges as a Strategic Priority in an Era of Connected and Autonomous Commercial Vehicles,” finds that automotive cybersecurity solutions are emerging as a strategic priority for automakers, many of whom are partnering with automotive cybersecurity specialists to ensure the safe and successful deployment of connected and autonomous commercial vehicles.

Frost & Sullivan estimates that 55% of trucks in North America and 43% of trucks in Europe will be connected by 2025. This will highlight the critical need for robust cybersecurity solutions with active multi-layer protection that address the unique safety requirements of connected and autonomous commercial vehicles.

Power Suit for Disaster Relief

Specially developed for deployment in disaster-stricken areas, Augsburgbased robotics specialist German Bionic introduces its new Cray + exoskeleton model. Possible application scenarios for the portable robot system include rescue missions following natural disasters as well as serious traffic accidents or terrorist attacks. External skeletons, or exoskeletons as they are more commonly referred to, are human-machine systems combining human intelligence with machine power to support or amplify the movements of the wearer. The technology incorporated in the Cray + is based on the successful Cray X model, which was developed for implementation in industry and logistics where it has been used for some time. The new disaster relief Cray + model is specially designed for deployment in rescue operations – even if taking place in extreme weather conditions – and also integrates a communication and GPS system.

Staqu launches an AI app for India State of UP police department

One of India’s leading Gurgaon-based AI start-up, Staqu announced the launch of TRINETRA, an AI application for the Uttar Pradesh Police (UP) department. The application digitizes and search records using AI and carries records of criminals, assisting police forces at ground zero with real-time information retrieval during investigations, regular checks, verifications, and at police checkpoints.

TRINETRA equips police forces to carry superior technology in their pockets. With this application, police personnel can easily register or search for criminals via simple biometric features, such as images or videos. The app is powered by Staqu’s expertise in facial recognition, visual search, machine learning, and deep learning, works well with lowresolution images and videos, and offers better accuracy than any other criminal recognition system. With AIpowered Gang identification Technology, TRIENETRA not only identifies a criminal but also their associates active in different districts and part of the states. https://

Linxup GPS integrates with Fleetio for Fleet Maintenance

Linxup by Agilis Systems, a leading provider of GPS fleet management tools and asset trackers, has partnered with Fleetio to provide automatic mileage tracking for fleet maintenance management.

Fleetio’s preventative maintenance scheduling helps fleet managers stay on top of regular service items such as oil changes, mileage service intervals, brakes and more. Fleetio automates service reminders, helping to maximize vehicle uptime and road readiness. Fleetio also automatically forecasts the due date of a service reminder based on a vehicle’s daily average usage.

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