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iQSTEL’s adds GSM Network and GPS Tracking Support

iQSTEL Inc. has announced that its subsidiary IoT Labs MX  has completed the circuit board upgrades for the new generation of the IoT (Internet of Things) Smart Gas field devices.

The original IoT Smart Gas platform was limited to the Sigfox communications infrastructure for IoT devices. Our in-house development team has completed the communications board upgrade for the new generation of IoT Smart Gas field devices, allowing for GSM network communications, expanding the potential usage locations of the IoT Smart Gas platform. In addition, we have incorporated Geo-location using standard GPS systems.

APCOA and HERE partnership

APCOA PARKING and HERE Technologies have announced plans for a strategic technology and commercial partnership. Both companies intend to develop and commercialize digital parking services and HD indoor maps of parking facilities in Europe. To this end, they plan to combine their complementary capabilities in parking and mapping to jointly pursue business opportunities in the automotive and urban mobility sectors.

eSAT Global for tracking endangered species

eSAT Global, Inc. (“eSAT”) a developer of low cost, real-time satellite IoT connectivity solutions has announced its partnership with IoT device company G8Way Technologies. It has developed a host of sensor solutions which have been implemented in a range of applications from high value asset tracking, animal traceability, cold chain and other security related solutions in South Africa. It has been playing an active role in the counter poaching movement, helping to protect and preserve endangered wildlife.

Radar technology for short-range detection

The German radar technology company InnoSenT is launching a new product for building and security technology. It is the first commercial 24GHz FMCW radar system with advanced MIMO radar technology and integrated signal processing for short-range detection. The iSYS-5005 offers innovative features for optimal performance: The Doppler sensor is equipped with complex signal processing and 3D radar resolution. This achieves outstanding reliability and accuracy in object detection.

The resolution over the measuring dimensions distance, speed and angle allows exact localization (X and Y coordinates) and object separation. The wide opening angle (± 75 ° in azimuth / ± 30 ° in elevation) maximizes the detection area. The detection range is up to 15 meters.

IoT asset tracking helps move RAIL industry forward

Euclideon’s advanced IoT real-time tracking capability is opening up opportunities across the Rail market with a growing customer base taking advantage of live monitoring of passenger and freight RAIL assets via real-time IoT tracking. This new way of viewing up-to-the minute train data on a 3D model brings with it advanced capabilities for planning, situation control, risk management and fleet analysis, that were never before thought possible.

The term Internet of Things ‘IoT’ has become something of a buzz-word lately across many industries, including transportation, vehicle manufacture, medical, agriculture and environmental industries. For those new to the term, it broadly relates to a network of connected tech devices that contain unique identifying data and can be tracked via the information sent and received amongst units.

For the RAIL industry, the need to understand, see and act based on real-time information is just one of the advantages provided by this technology. Inside Euclideon Vault, it is possible to view an instant 3D representation of entire city and nationwide RAIL networks, with positioning data rendering in the application virtually as soon as it is received from the IoT device.

iDriverplus selects Ouster Lidar

Ouster, Inc., a leading provider of high-resolution lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles, robotics, security, and mapping, has announced a partnership with Chinese robotics leader iDriverplus for autonomous cleaning and sanitation robots used to safely sanitize and disinfect potentially contaminated sidewalks and public areas.

In February, after China entered into a state of emergency due to COVID-19, iDriverplus and Ouster partnered to outfit a fleet of robots with OS1-64 lidar sensors to help contain the virus. The unmanned cleaning and disinfection vehicles were equipped with OS1-64 lidar sensors on the top and the front of the vehicle, providing higher resolution 360-degree 3D environmental monitoring and more accurate front obstacle recognition than was possible with legacy 16-channel analog lidar sensors.

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