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Actility and Hiber join forces to power remote iot connectivity

Actility, the leading LoRaWAN connectivity provider and Hiber, the startup nano-satellite powered IoT network, have announced that they are collaborating to enable LoRaWAN connectivity in the remote and developing parts of the globe that until now haven’t had access to a network. IoT (Internet of Things) service providers and enterprises operating in these areas will now be able to benefit from Hiber global nano-satellite connectivity via the Actility ThingPark Wireless and ThingPark Enterprise LoRaWAN management services.

The collaboration will enable IoT use cases in hard-to-reach places all over the world. The global logistics, remote agriculture, oil & gas, mining and scientific sectors are amongst many that can now deploy IoT technology in areas such as the Antarctic, deserts or in the middle of Pacific Ocean.

Facebook is Working on AR Glasses With 3D ‘Live Maps’

Facebook had already announced that it will make Augmented Reality glasses or AR glasses. Now Ray-Ban maker Luxottica has now confirmed that it is actively working towards developing augmented reality glasses, with plans to recreate the world in a 3D map. The company is working towards providing an enhanced and interactive living space.

The confirmation came in from Facebook Inc. on September 25, when it announced a project called “Live Maps” that will create 3D maps of the world. Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, vice president of AR/VR at Facebook described the maps project as “a shared virtual map of the world” at the Oculus Connect developer conference. At the same conference, Facebook shared a lengthy video presentation confirming the company’s intention to build the augmented reality glasses.

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