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Next generation platform “Medallion GPS PRO” for Light-commercial fleets

IGEN Networks Corporation a leading innovator of cloud-based and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the protection and management of mobile assets, has announced its launch of its Next Generation “Medallion GPS PRO” product line targeted for Light Commercial Fleets for US markets. It is a Commercial Fleet Management Platform designed for the Light Commercial Fleet owner, with compelling features and services at lower costs and emphasis on ease-of-use. The system is organized around both asset and driver with dispatch capabilities, automated reporting, maintenance and diagnostics reporting, driver behavior scoring, and video tutorials on demand that are built on AWS Cloud-based infrastructure. The Sprint IoT Factory platform is enabled through a strategic relationship with myDevices, the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that “simplifies the connected world” to accelerate the development and sales of finished IoT solutions.

Inpixon releases new features for indoor mapping platform

Inpixon, a leading indoor data company that specializes in delivering indoor intelligence, has released its latest mapping platform, Jibestream 4.12. The update delivers a number of new and enhanced features to streamline the creation, management and delivery of indoor maps. The release also includes support for point labels and new capabilities for integrating outdoor and indoor maps into a single application.

This release’s Outdoor-Indoor Kit for Google Maps allows customers to utilize Google Maps’ SDK along with the Jibestream SDKs to deliver outdoor/ indoor experiences in a single app. For instance, an app user in their home can enter a specific destination within a target facility and be guided through the outdoor portion of their journey to the best building entrance using the Google map, and then be guided within the building to their indoor destination using the Inpixon map. Optional integration with smart parking systems can guide users to open parking spaces or to their parked vehicle.

Latin American farmers to increase crop yields by 12%

Rezatec, a leading provider of geospatial data analytics, has launched a free smartphone app which acts as a portal for farmers to record their agricultural activities and provides recommendations for optimal sowing and irrigation scheduling. Based on preliminary results from the experimental stations, the app has demonstrated the potential to increase wheat yields by up to 12%.

COMPASS v2.0 provides decisions based on Earth observation satellite data, insitu field data captured by farmers, and a sophisticated crop model, to identify factors that might cause lower crop performance. In the Yaqui Valley in Mexico, a region that relies on irrigation due to varying climatic conditions, water security is a serious challenge. With general circulation models predicting less water availability in the future, farmers must be very precise in their irrigation management. The technology will track crop growth performance allowing farmers to make more informed decisions about crop management.

GPS tracking devices receive Verizon LTE-M certification

Digital Matter, a leading global developer of battery powered GPS asset tracking devices has announced that Verizon has officially certified the Oyster2 and Yabby 4G LTE-M GPS devices to operate on the most reliable wireless data network in the United States.

Designed for tracking any non-powered asset for extended periods of time, common applications of the Oyster2 and Yabby battery powered tracking devices include tracking trailers, containers, bins, bikes, scooters, pallets, livestock and more.

Galileo gives major backing to SuperHalfs Series

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) and SuperHalfs have announced that Galileo has thrown its support behind the international half marathon series and will become the Presenting Partner. The news comes as thousands prepare to plot their running journey across the continent.

Galileo is Europe’s independent, civilian and free system behind the location services that billions use every day in smartphones, cars, planes, fitness trackers and various other devices.

Tesla to add third-party charging stations to its in-car navigation

Tesla is starting to add third-party charging stations to its in-car navigation on top of its own Superchargers and Destination chargers.

While there are several other growing third-party charging networks, most Tesla owners never have to use them as Tesla’s own networks cover a large part of almost all the markets where it sells its vehicles. These chargers are all listed in Tesla’s incar navigation system, which is going to route you directly to a Supercharger station if your final destination cannot be reached based on your current stateof- charge. Now Tesla is starting to add third-party stations to its maps and navigation, which should help owners make use of the station

COAST autonomous and DG cities collaboration

COAST Autonomous has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with DG Cities, an expert in smart city development that is a subsidiary of the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London. Both will work together to provide consultancy services related to the design and implementation of transportation for people and/or goods using Autonomous Vehicles (“AVs”). Complementary skills of both will offer cities a path to a sustainable and more livable future.

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