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Magellan News
Real-Time Data Server software
Magellan is also introducing new PC software called Real-Time Data Server (RTDS) that allows GPRS communication between one base and several rovers. The base could be a fixed base (with a direct/local connection to the RTDS) or a mobile base (connected to RTDS through GPRS)

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Trimble to acquire RolleiMetric. Introduces Multi-GNSS CORS Receiver
Trimble Navigation has agreed to acquire RolleiMetric from Rollei GmbH, Germany. RolleiMetric is a provider of metric camera systems for aerial imaging and terrestrial close range photogrammetry.
Trimble has introduced the Trimble® NetR8™ GNSS reference receiver. It can operate as a campaign receiver for post processing, as a Continuously Operating Reference Station receiver, portable base station for RTK applications or as a scientific reference station collecting information for specialized studies.
Specific applications include high-accuracy positioning as part of a Trimble VRS™ network, support for DGPS MSK beacons, and integrity monitoring of networks and physical infrastructure such as bridges, dams and mines. It has 76 channels and supports GPS L1, L2, L2C and L5 signals as well as GLONASS L1/L2 signals. There are also four channels dedicated to tracking SBAS.

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Honeywell selects Spirent GPS simulator for NASA’s Orion project
Honeywell has selected a Spirent GPS/ Inertial simulator to develop, integrate, and verify the navigation system for NASA’s Orion project. The simulator includes comprehensive modeling of the space environment and will provide multiple radio frequency outputs. It will include multiple SimINERTIAL units Spirent Inertial interfaces that provide Honeywell engineers the capability of emulating Inertial sensor output while simultaneously simulating GPS RF signals.

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Leica GNSS QC and Spider V3.1
Leica Geosystems introduces GNSS QC V2.1, the latest version of the GNSS quality control and data analysis software. It includes an interface to geodetic processing packages such as Bernese by adding support for the SINEX format. It provides a convenient way of displaying and monitoring site displacements and troposphere estimates computed using high-end scientific software packages that are ideal for wide area or seismic GNSS monitoring and crustal deformation studies.

Leica has also released GNSS Spider V3.1. New are a Network based DGPS service and a unique User Location Service, providing secure external online access to user location information.

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Carlson Software to give users CAD platform choice

Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software Inc., announced the addition of the ability to run on IntelliCAD (ICAD) to the 2009 releases of Carlson Software. These include Carlson Civil 2009, Carlson Survey 2009, Carlson Hydrology 2009, Carlson Mining 2009, Carlson Takeoff 2009 and Carlson GIS 2009.

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RMSI ranked the ‘Best Workplace’ across all industries in India

RMSI has been ranked first in the Top 25 Great Places to Work in India by a study conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute, US, along with The Economic Times, a financial daily in India. RMSI provides geospatial services, consulting to application development to spatial analysis and modeling to remote sensing and data conversion.

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Spirent delivers 3 carrier solution, launches GSS8000

The architecture of Spirent’s systems is designed to support coherent simulation of multiple GNSS signals together. The SimGEN for Windows® software enables control and flexibility over multiple satellite constellations as well as interference sources and augmentation systems such as EGNOS and WAAS. It operates in real time to generate simulated RF signals across all GNSS and interference signals. Spirent Communications has also recently launched new Spirent GSS8000 simulation system, a signal generator unit for GPS, Galileo and GLONASS testing. It tests advanced satellite navigation technologies and offers enhanced capability, increased flexibility and improved signal fidelity.This new solution supports processing rates as low as 4 ms with pseudorange accuracy at 1 mm for many scenarios. Its new design allows for a wide variety of configurations from GPS L1 right up to comprehensive multi-RF output and/or multi-constellation test systems.

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3D-Laser Scanning possible up to 2000m

RIEGL has recently launched 3D laser scanner LMS-Z620, especially optimised for long range topography and mining applications. It is providing a maximum measurement range of 2000m on natural targets and a reduced beam divergence of just 0.15 mrad, performance data which are unrivalled in the market of high-speed laser scanners. It has RiSCAN PRO´s backsighting and Multi Station Adjustment functionality as well.

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Topcon and Sokkia merge
The merger between Topcon Corporation and Sokkia Co, Ltd, both with corporate headquarters in Japan, was confirmed on 5 February. Both companies are the two largest Japanese manufacturers of survey equipment. Sokkia will become a wholly owned subsidiary of
Topcon Corporation.

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Topcon GNSS first to add China’s Compass signal
Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) is the first to announce to have successfully tracked signals from the Chinese Compass satellite constellation. It also developed the world’s first GNSS technology to pick up signals from GPS, GLONASS, the planned Galileo satellite system.