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Trimble technology for largest Road Project in Western Australia
Trimbles machine control systems and two-way data communications technology are being used for the construction of the New Perth Bunbury Highway—the single largest road project ever undertaken in Western Australia. The project is expected to be constructed over three years and will include the placement of approximately nine million cubic meters of soil to raise the road alignment.

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Geneq introduces submeter GPS mapping receiver
Geneq, Inc., the pioneer in WAAS-based submeter GPS mapping systems, introduces the SXBlue II, a next generation submeter, Bluetooth™ wireless GPS mapping receiver that allows to use off-the-shelf Bluetooth™-enabled PDA/notebook computers to collect GPS map data.
Chronos …

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Magellan introduces its CrossoverGPS
Magellan, enters the consumer driver space with its CrossoverGPS, it caters for road, hiking/off-road and nautical
navigation. It comes with high battery life and with a ruggedised sleeve to protect from drops and the map data comes
from Navteq.
Topcon GTS-750 and GMS-2 Pro …

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Leica TPS1200+ Total Station
Leica Geosystems introduces TPS1200+, its most competitive total station ever. It provides the market’s most accurate reflectorless EDM with the smallest laser dot and measures distances over 1000 meters. It has also launched Leica GNSS Spider V3.0, which provides the full range of GNSS Network RTK services including GPS & GLONASS.

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Leica Geosystems introduces GMX902 GG GPS + GLONASS receiver
Leica Geosystems has introduced Leica GMX902 GG GNSS, a GPS + GLONASS receiver, developed to monitor sensitive structures and crucial topographies. It provides precise dual frequency code and phase data up to 20 Hz, enabling precise data capture as the basis for highly accurate position calculation and motion analysis.
Leica has also announced the further continuation ATHENA Program – a formalized purchase scheme designed to help Universities, Research Organisations and UNAVCO members to better facilitate the use of GNSS Reference Station and Structural Monitoring technology for both teaching and scientific research purposes. ATHENA stands for ‘Advanced Technology for Higher-Education and Non-profit Associations’

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Leica GMX902 GG and Leica ScanStation 2
The Leica GMX902 GG is a highperformance GPS + GLONASS receiver, specially developed to monitor sensitive structures such as bridges, mines or high rise buildings and crucial topographies such as land slides or volcanoes. Leica has also announced a major advance in the capabilities of pulsed (or “time-of-fl ight”) laser scanners for as-built and topographic surveys. The maximum speed for ‘ScanStation 2’ is 50,000 points/second, more than 10-times that of its ScanStation predecessor (4,000 points/second) and the highest in the industry for pulsed scanners.

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Leica Geosystems launches Leica GMX901 GPS antenna
Leica Geosystems has launched Leica GMX901 GPS receiver with an integrated antenna for geodetic monitoring of sensitive structures. It streams single frequency code and phase data up to 1 Hz, providing the basis for position determination and deformation analysis.

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Pitney Bowes completes ccquisition of MapInfo
Pitney Bowes Inc. announced completion of the acquisition of MapInfo Corporation. Now MapInfo will be called as PB MapInfo Corporation. The merger followed the successful completion by Magellan Acquisition Corp. of a tender offer for all outstanding shares of MapInfo at $20.25 net per share in cash. Pitney Bowes, having 87 years of technological leadership, provides the world’s most comprehensive suite of mailstream software, hardware, services and solutions to help companies manage their fl ow of mail, documents and packages to improve communication.

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NovAtel Inc launches new OEMV products
NovAtel has launched its new OEMV-1G and FlexPak(TM)-V1G products with GPS+GLONASS positioning solutions. Also, full GPS+GLONASS AdVance RTK (Real Time Kinematic) positioning capabilities are available on all existing OEMV-2 and OEMV- 3 products via its 3.2 Firmware release.

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New Magellan ProMark™3 RTK alters the RTK Landscape
Magellan has announced the introduction of its ProMark3 RTK, designed to provide surveyors with centimeter accuracy in a realtime solution and complete postprocessing and mapping capabilities. It operates in two modes; base + rover and rover only. The rover can be connected to a real-time network through a GPRSenabled cell phone using NTRIP and direct IP. The base + rover, employs plug-and-play spread-spectrum radio solution that does not require a license or separate con? guration integrated with ProMark3 RTK.