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Point Cloud CAD 2010 and FieldGenius 2010 by MicroSurvey

The Point Cloud CAD 2010 allows the individual to work with Point Cloud and LIDAR data with ease. It works with hundreds of millions of points with ease and the ability to create line work very quickly, surface models and contours directly from the Point Cloud. Built on MicroSurvey CAD 2010 platform it uses the same rendering program used in products like MicroStation and 3DStudio and uses the Leica PCE engine.

FieldGenius 2010 has many new features added to improve the work flow which include several new improved Stakeout routines ,new blue tooth manager for improved instrument communication, powerful new offset tools, point patterns etc. It can be loaded onto many data collectors.

Nottingham Geospatial Building open for business

GRACE has taken occupancy of the Nottingham Geospatial Building on the University of Nottingham Innovation Park on the Jubilee Campus. It brings the IESSG (Institute of Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy), the CGS (Centre for Geospatial Science) and GRACE (GNSS Research Applications Centre of Excellence) together in one location. GRACE has also launched new Training Services.

Leica adds new software and updates Leica XPro 4.2

Leica Geosystems announced three new laser scanning software products for scan data import, forensic scene mapping, and modelling complex 3D surfaces. These products will increase the breadth and depth of laser scanning software solutions.

Leica XPro has been updated with several enhancements. It covers the entire line sensor workflow – from data download to image generation. It can take advantage of on-the-fly generated images in triangulation and many other improvements to increase productivity and efficiency.

Advanced Positioning features for OEMs

Magellan® Professional released a major firmware release for its MB 500 OEM GNSS board. They are available in a variety of configurations from L1 GPS+GLONASS up to L1/ L2 GPS+GLONASS+SBAS. It is designed to allow OEMs and system integrators to easily add real-time submeter up to centimetre-level positioning to specialized or custom hardware solutions.

Outback S-Lite™ in Punjabi

Hemisphere GPS has launched a new version of the Outback S-Lite GPS guidance system in India. It carries over all the proven features of the existing versions and now supports the Punjabi language. Its compact size, expandable features and sub-meter accuracy make it an ideal entrylevel GPS guidance solution for farming applications.

SuperGeo obtains patent

SuperGeo has obtained the Taiwanese patent on the Internet Map Cache Technology. The name of the patent is “Geographic Information System”, No. 316671.

Geomatica 10.3 released

PCI Geomatics have released of Geomatica 10.3. It includes support for ESRI ArcGIS Server Image Extension, as well as multisensor support through OrthoEngine for ArcGIS users.

Bentley 2010 Student Design Competition

The call for nominations for Bentley’s 2010 Student Design Competition is now open. Bentley will award a $1,500 scholarship to the winner in each of the categories at the university/college level and a $1,000 scholarship to the winner at the middle school/high school level.

OnPoint ™ 6.3.1 released

Rolta Canada Limited released Rolta OnPoint™ which continues to enhance the power of Rolta’s Geospatial Fusion™ solutions by providing support for ArcGIS Server 9.3.1.

LIDAR-based mapping by Aerotec

Aerotec introduced its second-generation airborne LIDAR-based mapping product for identifying and locating vegetation in the vicinity of electric power transmission. A featured component of the vegetation management product is a handheld unit that provides the utility forester with the capability to measure, locate, analyse, and report the vegetation violation onthe- spot.

Trimble Placer Gold GPS receivers

Trimble released Placer Gold receiver, a 12-channel GPS receiver, designed to provide reliable, fully-configurable vehicle location and reporting for missioncritical automatic vehicle location applications.

MapInfo embraces SaaS

Pitney Bowes Business Insights has begun making a major investment in Software as a Service. This has now reached a level where many, if not most, of its offerings are available in a SaaS environment. In PBBI’s world, it seems the most likely business model is one where a client organisation has a particular business process.

NATURE-SDIplus selects Intergraph(R)

NATURE-SDIplus has selected Intergraph® to build a geoportal to harmonize and improve access to national datasets. It supports the INSPIRE directive launched by the European Commission in 2002 to make geographic information available for developing community policies and initiatives. It aims to improve the harmonization of national datasets on nature conservation, making them accessible and exploitable at all levels of government and others.

SSTL European Lunar Mission

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has been selected by the ESA to manage a pan-European student-built mission to the Moon. The European Student Moon Orbiter (ESMO) programme will place a spacecraft into a lunar orbit to map the lunar surface, acquiring images and other scientific data.

Sokkia releases enhancements

Sokkia has announced four enhancements to the NET05 and the NET1 Automated 3D Stations. The NET05 features 0.5-sec angle accuracy and sub-millimeter EDM for maximum precision, while the NET1, a 1-sec model, incorporates longer range EDM and a new laser option designed for precise measurement in tunnel and general construction applications.

Micro-Ant GPS/GLONASS antenna

Micro-Ant Inc. is offering a highperformance GPS L1/L2/L5 plus GLONASS antenna for the Machine Control and Agriculture market. The antenna has a horizontal phase-center accuracy of ±4 millimeters and vertical accuracy of ±14 millimeters. Its broad frequency-tracking band includes GPS (L1, L2, L5), GLONASS (L1, L2, L3), and Galileo (E1, E2, E5, E6). The antenna is also SBAS-capable (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS).

Pioneer sues Garmin in ITC court

Japan’s Pioneer has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission against Garmin, alleging some of its products infringe on Pioneer patents related to navigation.

GeoTranslate 5.1 released

Blue Marble Geographics released the beta version of GeoTranslate 5.1 with Spatial Connect along with GeoTransform 6.1. GeoTranslate and GeoTransform are incorporated into the Blue Marble’s GeoCore SDK an all-in-one geospatial data translation developer toolkit.

Garmin next generation navigators

Garmin International released the GPSMAP 6000 and GPSMAP 7000 series with Garmin G Motion technology. It represents a graphic breakthrough in speed, smoothness and clarity.


Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships

►EVC to distribute LandScan Global Population Database.
►DLT, Tele Atlas contract to serve government sector.
►Appello Systems and Sony Ericsson strategic partnership.
►Rediff has announced an investment in Imere, Bangalore.
►90 additional GPS ref stations by Topcon for the Japanese CORS GEONET.
►NASA agreement with ISRO for Oceansat-II.
►Samsung to use Tele Atlas maps for its GPS-enabled devices.
►TeleNav files for $75 million IPO.

►Hemisphere GPS receives Cleantech 10 award.
►Bentley announces winners of 2009 Be Inspired awards.
►88% of PNDs sold in 2015 will have integrated cellular connectivity – Berg Insight.
►ISRO to outsource high-end work to private companies.
►IDBS opens new centres in China and Australia.
►AAMHatch increases GIS capabilities in Malaysia.
►ARCO-TT launches GPS navigation in Jordan.
►“Bhuvan should be accessed by organisations” says Indian minister.
►TomTom launches PND’s in South Africa.
►PND shipments grow despite competition from GPS Handsets – Research and Markets Ltd.

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