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Mar 2007 | Comments Off on NewsBriefs – INDUSTRY

Hemisphere GPS Innovation Wins FinOvation Award
Hemisphere GPS has announced that the Outback S2 GPS guidance system has won a FinOvation Award by Farm Industry News. The Award recognizes the most innovative new products published in Farm Industry News during the past year. The guidance system combines Crescent® GPS Technology with a simple guidance interface. When combined with Outback eDrive and the new BaseLineHD, it provides the most affordable one-inch pass-to-pass automated steering system available.
Hemisphere GPS has also introduced centimeter-level accuracy through a Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) application for professionals working in precision agriculture, marine navigation, surveying and others. It also provides the same accuracy as dual-frequency RTK systems but at a fraction of the cost.

Feb 2007 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – INDUSTRY

Leica FCMS Flight & Sensor Control Management System
Sweden-based Leica Geosystems’ Flight & Sensor Control Management System (FCMS), assists pilots and sensor operators to effi ciently control GPS-based survey fl ights. It performs all tasks, such as fl ight guidance, sensor recording and sensor monitoring, on a single man-machine interface, providing automated operation and minimized user interaction.Leica Geosystems also introduces the Rugby 50 and Rugby 55. With the Leica Rugby 50 and 55 are two new lasers that are designed for different applications: The Rugby 50 is dedicated to general construction contractors, being a tough, affordable laser with a single button. Whereas the Leica Rugby 55 is designed for the interior contractor – a versatile laser, perfect for almost any leveling and alignment job. In addition, Leica Geosystems has also announced a new enterprise software licensing program called Leica EnterpriseElite. Qualifi- ed companies benefi t from simplified software license management tools, fl exibility to immediately react to changing project demands, signifi cant software cost savings, and the ability to effi ciently standardize an entire global organization.

Jan 2007 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – INDUSTRY

Sales contract from Cessna Aircraft Company to Leica
The Metrology Division of Leica Geosystems, Switzerland announced USA based Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron company, has signed a sales contract for eight portable Leica Geosystems CMM systems used for industrial measurement and inspection. The acquisition consists of four Leica LTD840 Laser Trackers, and four Leica LTD640 Laser Trackers. Cessna is a manufacturer of general aviation airplanes. Leica Geosystems’ 3D coordinate measurement systems are used by manufacturers worldwide in the aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding industries.

Dec 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – INDUSTRY

Spectra Precision Laser LG20 Crossbeam Generator
Trimble has announced new Laser portable tools – Spectra Precision Laser LG20 Crossbeam Generator, Spectra Precision Laser HR250 Laser Receiver and Spectra Precision Laser HD50 Handheld Distance Meter.
The easy-to-use, self-leveling Spectra Precision Laser LG20 Crossbeam Generator is a rugged, one-person tool designed for a variety of interior and exterior applications. The LG20 is a highly versatile hand tool that replaces a level, square, plumb bob, chalk, and optical instrument for faster completion and increased accuracy on the job site.
Feature-packed and developed for use with the LG20 CrossbeamGenerator, the optional HR250 Laser Receiver is a versatile, economical laser for longrange interior and exterior applications up to 75 m (250 ft).

Nov 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – INDUSTRY

Leica GPro version 3.2 launched
With the new version 3.2 for its Leica GPro download and ground processing software, Leica Geosystems is now offering improvements and new capabilities to its Airborne Sensor customers, such as increased speed and simplified handling. In this new version 3.2, Leica GPro offers a new project information file structure, which enhances usability and productivity. Increased speed for pixel-wise orthorectification is provided. Plus, Leica GPro now supports the newly launched ADS40 2nd Generation sensor heads SH51 and SH52.

Oct 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – INDUSTRY

Leica AT504 Geodetic Choke Ring Antenna now supports GNSS
With the introduction of the Leica AT504 GG, Leica Geosystems is announcing a brand new version of its successful AT504 choke ring antenna for permanent reference stations and networks. This new antenna tracks GNSS observations, supplying high quality GPS and GLONASS data when used in conjunction with Leica GPS1200 GNSS receivers. The design of the AT504GG choke ring antenna effectively suppresses multipath effects and has a very stable phase center making it ideally suited for geodetic applications using GNSS observations.
Leica Geosystems also introduces the new V2.2.0 for Leica GPS Spider software for GPS reference stations and networks. With this new update of GPS Spider, Leica Geosystems continues its policy of continued product development and improvement of its GPS Reference Station solutions.

Sep 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – INDUSTRY

Blue Marble introduces FlexLM licensing
Blue Marble Geographics has announced an update to their Geographic Calculator software application aimed at improving GIS data management efficiency. The Geographic Calculator is known for its easy-to-use interface that allows the user to perform simple coordinate transformations while at the same time allowing for very elaborate in-depth conversions.

Aug 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – INDUSTRY

Trimble tracks Galileo GIOVEA test satellite signal
Trimble has announced that it has successfully acquired and tracked the L1 BOC (1,1) Galileo GIOVE-A test satellite signal using a combined GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo prototype receiver. In addition to tracking the test satellite, Trimble has also announced that its Zephyr Geodetic II antenna is compatible with all current or planned GPS and GLONASS frequencies and the planned Galileo signals now.

Jul 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – INDUSTRY

602 series of Nikon total stations
Nikon-Trimble Co. introduced the 602 Series of Nikon® Total Stations, new high-precision mechanical total stations that includes both a prism and prismless (reflectorless) model. It also added a reflectorless model to Nikon 502 Series. The new Nikon products are expected to be available soon through Tripod Data Systems (TDS) in the United States and Trimble

Jun 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – INDUSTRY

RT-5SW new long-range laser
A new long-range, dual-slope laser ideally suited for large job sites and agricultural land-leveling has been announced by Topcon Positioning Systems. The RT-5SW retains all of the primary benefits of the RT-5S series including five-arc-second accuracy – less than 1/32nd of an inch per 100 feet. It also features an integrated radio remote controller capable of two-way communication up to 1,000 feet. Radio communications between the remote and the base laser allows the operator to verify adjustments right from the cab of a machine.