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Mission Possible!
India gears up for Gaganyaan,
India’s manned mission to space.
With the approval of the Government funding Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) targets the manned space mission by December 2021.
Before this, it plans two non-crew flights in December 2020 and July 2021.
The mission will be capable of carrying three Indian astronauts and will orbit the Earth …

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InSight lander
On 26 November 2018
Humanity achieved another milestone
When InSight lander successfully landed on Mars.
Launched on 5th May 2018
It not only intends to study the deep interiors of the Mars
And evolutionary processes
but also the possible seismic activity there.
However, the mission gets an unexpected breakthrough
When it is said to have recorded the sounds of wind
On 1 December …

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Let’s map together!
Mapping millions of land rights
That remains unrecorded in East Africa
Poses major challenge.
Its4land, a European Commission Horizon 2020 project
Aims to develop tools
With a multi-disciplinary approach in diverse cultural set-ups
Utilizing latest technologies
Like smart sketch maps, UAVs, automated feature extraction
Those are innovative, scalable and transferable.
However, the key …

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UAV policy impetus
Finally, one can fly drones in India
Legally after December 1, 2018
After taking permission
And observing certain regulatory provisions,
As per the policy regulations
From the Office of Director General of Civil Aviation
Released in the last week of August.
UAVs get a push from the top echelon of the government
Which …

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Beyond sky
It was 2nd April, 1984
When the first Indian citizen
Travelled in space aboard SoyuzT-11.
However, that was a Soviet mission.
India has a long cherished ambition
Of its own man mission in space.
The announcement by the Prime Minister of India recently
Has brought this mission on priority
Of the Indian Space Research …

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In reverse gear?
As a fallout of Brexit
It appears that the Public Regulated Services (PRS) of Galileo
Has become a contentious issue.
And similar to this, there are several other bones of contention…
Stakes are high
So is the pitch of stakeholders,
Hope it may not become messier in time to come
Galileo as a …

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When humanity triumphs
In Thailand, when thirteen members of Wild Boars football team
Were trapped in the cave,
They refused to cave in.
Demonstrated exemplary level of guts and grit
Their battle for survival
United the world.
The mission that looked impossible
Was made possible
By the human …

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Data mines & data mining
In this digital world
how we all are vulnerable,
is well demonstrated by
Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data controversy.
When we are tracked, tapped and trapped,
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),
A regulation in European Union (EU) law on data
Protection and privacy for all individuals within the EU
Is a welcome and comforting step
As it endeavors to restrain
The data harvesting …

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According to the Survey of India website
One may see the New Map Restriction Policy- 2017
for Sale, Publication and Distribution of Maps and Data
released by the Ministry of Defence, India
It states that “the renewal of the guidelines
is necessitated so as to bring them
in tune with the liberal economic regime
and to accommodate the technological changes…
However, is …

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Stephen Hawking – Beyond time!!
You came
And enriched the world,
The world of science,
And the world of knowledge.
Moreover, you epitomized
The unimaginable abilities and tenacities
Of the human spirit
That could triumph
Any oddity of any magnitude.
You have gone
Beyond the frame of
You will remain as a beacon
In the …