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Mar 2018 | No Comment


Pause and re-plan!
A recent study
‘Satellite-derived Time and Position: A Study of Critical Dependencies’
by The UK Government Office for Science
Reviews the UK’s dependency on GNSS
And recommends measures to improve resilience
Including by adopting potential back-up systems.
More than the findings,
The worth appreciating is the approach.
The approach of ‘a pause’
Where …

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Car to caravan
Another feat of mankind.
Falcon Heavy by Sapce X symbolizes
The dreams and the dreamers.
Imagination, inventiveness and ingenuity.
A journey from surrealism to reality.
It was not Falcon Heavy alone,
Along with it was Tesla Roadster.
A craft, along with a car.
Will it eventually be followed by a caravan?
Who knows!

Bal …

Jan 2018 | No Comment


Technology trends
Robotics, automation, Artificial Intelligence
Photogrammetric drones, Integrated UAV solutions
Point Clouds
LiDAR precision, driverless car
Earthquake prediction tool
Simulator, modeling reality, …
Robust positioning, real-time kinetics, accurate 3D maps
Internet of Things, virtual reality, …
Interference, jamming, spoofing…
Sensor fusion, …
Disruption is a new paradigm
For Innovations

Bal Krishna, Editor


Dec 2017 | No Comment


Collapse of Global village?
It was about globalization.
Open economy, free trades, …
Political barriers were overtaken by economic interests.
The world saw a common interest in working together.
A successful example of that is European Union.
However, a perception is gathering momentum
That some gained more at the expense of others.
Hence, the trend is …

Nov 2017 | No Comment


Gone in smog
If you don’t breathe,
You die.
But if you breathe in Delhi,
You may still die.
Air is poisonous.
Visionaries visionless,
Government clueless,
Millions helpless.
Come November,
It is smog all around.
Delhi needs a breather,
To be safe and sound.

Bal Krishna, Editor


Oct 2017 | No Comment


Facts and fictions
The booming fake content industry
Might be serving the immediate interests of the some
But will have long-term consequences,
Not only in terms of increasing distrust
For print and digital media – both
But also may have indelible marks
On unsuspecting minds.
The phenomenon will not be confined
To only political, social and …

Sep 2017 | No Comment


Right to Privacy
Though in many countries,
Privacy enjoys a strong legal framework
India has been cautious.
On one hand the Government has the propensity
To encroach the private space of the citizens,
The citizens are, by and large, unaware and unmindful
Of the concepts and importance of privacy.
Given this, the Supreme Court of India …

Aug 2017 | No Comment


Artificial Wisdom
Elon Musk, the chief of Tesla and SpaceX
Has repeatedly been admonishing
On potentially apocalyptic future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
and appealing for proactive regulations on AI.
However, MarK Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO
Has called Musk a ‘naysayer’
And termed his doomsday prophesy as result of unnecessarily negativity.
If the increasing obsession of mankind with …

Jul 2017 | No Comment


Michibiki 2
The recent launch of Michibiki 2
And other scheduled launches of
Michibiki satellites later this year,
Not only lead to new vistas of GNSS applications
But will also catalyze and accelerate the phenomena
Where the need is high precise systems
Like in controlling drones, driverless cars, robotics…
Using positioning and navigation technologies
In the …

Jun 2017 | No Comment


A Giant leap
Last month, it was GSAT-9,
South Asia Satellite.
And now a giant leap
With the successful developmental flight of
India’s heaviest Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle,
the GSLV Mark-III,
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
Has placed India with the elite few
Who have excelled in cryogenic technology.
The successfully placing
Of a satellite weighing …