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When notion of safety crashes

Two crashes within a short span of 5 months.

In October it was PT Lion Mentari Airlines’ Flight 610, Indonesia

And now Ethiopian Airlines Group Flight 302.

Boeing Co.’s 737 Max jet was in service.

Passenger comforts, technologically advanced, cheaper to run,

fuel efficient, …

Wish air safety was a prime sales pitch.

The best-selling plane model in the company’s history

354 delivered and another 2,912 as a backlog

Some media reports suggest a similarity in pattern of both the ill-fated planes

Issues regarding new flight-control feature, the Maneuvering Characteristics

Augmentation System (MCAS) have also been widely reported.

In a sector, which is highly technical, hugely monopolized and have high

commercial stakes, unfortunately the passengers have limited options.

Helpless and hapless!

Bal Krishna, Editor

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