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Korea to establish satellite data center
Korea will establish a global navigational data center. The center will be linked to a global system of satellite tracking stations called IGS. The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute has said it has won a bid to establish the data center in Daejeon, southwest of Seoul. The center will collect data from more than 350 navigational satellite observatories worldwide and relay it to users. Korea hopes the new center will become a satellite navigation hub for Asia.

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Spectra Precision Laser grade control systems
Trimble has introduced a portfolio of laser-based machine display and control systems for grading and excavating applications. The new Spectra Precision Laser machine systems is said to be highly fl exible, extremely rugged and can be used on a wide range of machines, including dozers, backhoes, scrapers, skid steers and excavators. On a dozer, the system can be upgraded for automatic blade control providing even greater productivity gains. The Spectra Precision Laser grade control systems give the operator visual guidance for the cutting edge of the blade or bucket.

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India to Use Russian GLONASS Navigation System
Russia and India are planning to cooperate in the sphere of satellite navigation, Indian Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee announced at a Moscow recently. He said this was a momentous decision for India, but that the specifics of cooperation in the area had yet to be discussed. Russia’s satellite navigation system, called GLONASS, is operated for the government by the its Space Forces. An improved GLONASS-K satellite, with a reduced weight and an increased operational lifetime of 10-12 years, is due to enter service in 2008. Following a joint venture deal with the Indian government, which will launch two GLONASS-M satellites on its PSLV rockets, it is proposed to have the system fully operational again by 2008 with 18 satellites and by 2010 with all 24 satellites.

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HP announces expansion of Designjet
HP has expanded its Designjet largeformat portfolio with a range of new workgroup and multifunction printers, software solutions and new media choices to address the needs of vertical segments, IT managers and production operators. The new products, solutions and large-format papers are ideal for GIS, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and mechanical computer aided design (MCAD) workgroups.

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China joins Galileo spacebased application projects
A Chinese general contractor for the European Galileo Project in Beijing recently obtained three space-based application projects. The Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU) endorsed the China Galileo Industries (CGI) to develop search and rescue radar transponders (SART), laser retrore ?ectors and up-link stations (ULS). Meanwhile, the Early Galileo Services in China (EGSIC) and the Galileo Olympic Games Demonstration (GOGD) are also open for public bidding. China was the first country outside Europe to join the Galileo Project, agreeing to invest a total of 200 million euros into the global consortium. About 70 million euros of the Chinese investment have been put into technologies development and the remaining 130 million euros into deployment of space and ground infrastructure.

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All roads lead to GIS…
…The Rural Road Development Project
The Rural Road Development Project, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) is using GIS for planning and decision making. An Online management tool OMMAS is being developed to populate the attribute data for GIS and provide access to the citizens to view status of various rural roads and other related information. Public Works Department Rajasthan is playing leading role in creating GIS data base and implementing the PMGSY Scheme. A customized standalone GIS software GRIMMS to run various queries related with planning of roads is being developed. Web GIS module is also being developed to make the complete system transparent and will allow citizens to access the information in spatial format related with PMGSY. C-DAC Pune is providing the technical assistance. Submitted by K.K.Mishra,

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OS seeks partners for GPS correction service
Ordnance Survey is offering Licensed Partners and other interested parties the chance to develop positioning services based on a revolutionary national framework for correcting signals from orbiting satellites. OS Net is a network of more than 80 GPS base stations designed to enable different levels of improved real-time accuracy from the Global Positioning System (GPS) anywhere in Great Britain. OS Net is already delivering efficiencies for Ordnance Survey field staff where it is enabling centimetre-level positioning for their data-collection operations. Now, Ordnance Survey is planning to make the service publicly available through a tier of partner organisations.

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Applanix launches the DSS 322
Applanix has announced the launch of its next generation Digital Sensor System, the DSS 322. The new system incorporates a 22 megapixel CCD array, Aerolens™ custom-manufactured optics, and TruSpectrum ™ technology engineered to maximize the system’s capability in generating high-quality color and CIR (color infrared ) digital geospatial imaging products. Applanix has also announced the release of its new POSTrack system designed for streamlined airborne direct georeferencing and in-flight task automation. The new system combines the latest integrated Inertial/GPS technology from Applanix with the Flight Management System (FMS) expertise of Track’air B.V. in The Netherlands.

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Galileo – the European Programme for Global Navigation Services for civil purposes is an initiative led by European Union. We provide regular updates to our readers on the Galileo programme.
CPS partners to play key role in improving Galileo system performance
Cambridge Positioning Systems have announced that it will partner with LogicaCMG in a major pan-European project to drive new mobile location technology and applications development for the multi-billion Euro Galileo satellite programme.
The Application of Galileo in the Location-Based Services Environment (AGILE) project aims to foster widespread adoption of Global Navigation Satellite Services (GNSS) for both enterprises and consumers.

AGILE will create a detailed development roadmap for new high accuracy Location-Based Services (LBS) leading up to the launch of the first Galileo satellites in 2007.

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Dubai Municipality launches three-dimensional Dubai guide
Dubai Municipality has recently developed an electronic, threedimensional guide for the Emirate of Dubai for the purpose of government departments and private sector establishments. According to Mohammed Al Zaffi ne, Director of the municipality’s GIS Centre which oversaw the guide’s preparation in cooperation with French Concept Digital Solutions, a private firm, the guide would offer 3-D modelling of the whole emirate of Dubai. He added that the guide would offer an interactive 3-dimentional view of the emirate of Dubai and a virtual movement within the emirate is also possible. Visitors can easily fi nd addresses in the emirate and they can spot registered companies and obtain their telephone numbers. Contributing companies can also display their services and products in the guide, in addition to hotels, shopping malls and other tourist landmarks.