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Feb 2019 | No Comment

Galileo E6-B/C codes now available
With Galileo services such as highaccuracy service (HAS) and commercial authentication service on E6-B/C signal coming around the corner, the European GNSS Service Centre (GSC) has made available the main specifications of the Galileo E6-B and E6-C codes to the User Community.
The GSC just published “Galileo E6-B/C Codes Technical …

Jan 2019 | No Comment

Galileo: 2 years after Initial Services, Accuracy Matters more than ever!
December 16 marked two years since the launch of Galileo Initial Services. Timed to coincide with this milestone, an ‘Accuracy Matters’ campaign aims to increase public awareness of Galileo’s successes over the past two years and highlight the added value that Galileo brings to the …

Nov 2018 | No Comment

Four more galileo satellites brought online
According to the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA), Galileo Satellites GSAT0215, GSAT0216, GSAT0217, and GSAT0218, launched in December 2017, have been commissioned for operational use.
Since October 12, all Galileo satellites that were launched last year (in December) are usable for service provision, according to the GSA. …

Sep 2018 | No Comment

British government to fund study on Galileo alternative
The British government has announced on Aug. 29 that it will spend more than $100 million to study whether the country should develop its own satellite navigation system as an alternative to Europe’s Galileo.
In a statement, the government announced it would use £92 million ($119 million) …

Aug 2018 | No Comment

Galileo quartet successfully launched from Kourou
Four new Galileo satellites were successfully launched from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana on July 25, bringing the constellation to a total of 26 satellites.
For the second time, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) is responsible for the Early Orbit Phase (EOP) of this mission, overseeing Spaceopal …

Jul 2018 | No Comment

Four more Galileo satellites launch scheduled for July 25
Four more Galileo satellites will be launched on a customized Ariane 5 on July 25.
The next Arianespace rocket to orbit Galileo satellites has begun taking shape at the spaceport in French Guiana. Build-up of the heavy-lift vehicle is now underway inside the spaceport’s Launcher Integration …

Jun 2018 | No Comment

EU preparing for secondgeneration Galileo
The European Commission has published a contract notice for procurement of Galileo transition satellites. The contracting authority, the Directorate- General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW), wishes to procure new Galileo transition satellites with evolved specifications to ensure the continuity of the Galileo constellation in 2025-2026 and …

May 2018 | No Comment

Galileo ground segment keeps constellation on track
Galileo’s initial services have been running for more than 15 months now, and signals from the satellites in space are routinely serving users all across the world. The functioning of Galileo is dependent on a global network of ground stations.
The constellation in orbit is only one element …

Apr 2018 | No Comment

Airborne to manufacture solar array panels for Galileo satellites
Airborne Aerospace has announced on March 22 it has been awarded a contract by Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands (Airbus DS NL, Ottobrunn, Germany) to manufacture 48 substrate panels, which consist of highperformance carbon composite materials, for the solar arrays of 12 new Galileo FOC satellites. …

Mar 2018 | No Comment

French Space Agency claims 100 million users for Galileo navigation system
The Galileo satellite navigation system has about 100 million users after its first year of operation, as per the French Space Agency CNES. The system, which is highly crucial to Europe, went operational in December 2016. It took 17 long years to be ready …