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Aug 2012 | No Comment

LONDON Sports fans attending the London Olympics were told to avoid non-urgent text messages and tweets during events because overloading of data networks was affecting television coverage. Commentators on men’s cycling road race were unable to tell viewers how far the leaders were ahead of the chasing pack because data could not get through from the GPS satellite navigation system travelling with the cyclists.

Jul 2012 | No Comment

On a dare, Texas college researchers hacked into and hijacked a drone of the US Homeland Security before the eyes of the offi cials operating it. Using a technique called ‘spoofi ng’ where a signal from hackers imitates the one sent to the drone’s on-board GPS, the researchers managed to take control of a small but powerful drone in mid-air. And the hijacking was just for a $1,000 wager.

Jun 2012 | No Comment

Nigeria is to switch to the satellite based navigation system also known as the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) soon. This is coming as airline operators and pilots have been urged to key into the satellite based navigation system.

May 2012 | No Comment

More than 300 billion rubles ($10.1 billion) have been budgeted to the year 2020 for developing the Glonass satellite navigation system, Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov said recently. He said the government will make every effort to lend support to the satellite system and to develop its capabilities, including commercial ones, Interfax reported. He said Russia estimates that the navigation market in Russia was worth 12 billion rubles last year.

Apr 2012 | No Comment

As part of the National Space Technology Programme, the UK Government will grant nearly GBP 6 million to co-fund major new research projects that will develop commercial products and services using space technology and data from space-based systems.

Apr 2012 | No Comment

In a project for which the budget allocated is Rs 6 crore, officials from the Tree Authority will also note details of the tree, right from identifying its biological name to minute details such as girth, height and life expectancy and upload them on their server along with their GPS markers. The trees’ latest photographs will also be uploaded, which will help the officials identify them with greater ease the next time.

Apr 2012 | No Comment

For the first time, mariners operating along the U.S. east coast can receive a visual display of all relevant right whale management initiatives and warnings via their iPad or iPhone, including Seasonal and Dynamic Management Areas, Mandatory Ship Reporting areas, recommended routes, and automatic whale alerts triggered by acoustic detection buoys.

Apr 2012 | No Comment

The regional GLONASS centre will be processing information received from school buses, health-care vehicles, and trucks transporting hazardous cargo. In the long run, the system is expected to secure safety of transportation services as such.

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