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Sep 2018 | No Comment

eSIM OTA test solution verification supports ERA-GLONASS
All new vehicles in the Euroasian Economic Union (EAEU) must be equipped with the ERA-GLONASS emergency calling system. Certification for these eCall systems is based on the Russian GOST R System specifications, where GOST 33470 covers the test methods for wireless communication modules of in-vehicle emergency call devices …

Aug 2018 | No Comment

Beidou’s third-generation satellite navigation makes a splash
More than 40,000 fishing boats in China have been equipped with receivers tuned to China’s Beidou Navigation Satellite System, to provide better search and rescue for ships in trouble, a Beidou expert said. “Fishers call the Beidou system their patron,” Yang Yuanxi, an academician with the Chinese Academy …

Jul 2018 | No Comment

Russia launches Glonass-M navigation satellite
Russia has launched a Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket from the Plesetsk space center to orbit a Glonass-M satellite, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
“The middle-class Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket launched on June 17 from the Plesetsk space center (Arkhangelsk Region) successfully put the Russian navigation Glonass-M spacecraft to the designated orbit.” Earlier, …

May 2018 | No Comment

Stanford aero/astro professor Per Enge, expert in GPS, dies at 64

Per K. Enge, the Vance D. and Arlene C. Coffman Professor in the School of Engineering and one of the world’s foremost experts in global positioning system (GPS) technologies, died April 22 at his home in Mountain View, California. He was 64.
Enge, a …

Apr 2018 | No Comment

Discover more with new Ordnance Survey GPS Devices
Ordnance Survey (OS) has announced the launch of four new off-road OS GPS navigation devices for walking, hiking and off-road cycling. The innovative GPS units are a first for OS, and have been designed for ease-ofuse straight out of the box. They boast the trusted accuracy that …

Mar 2018 | No Comment

China adds two more satellites to home-grown navigation network
Two more Chinese Beidou navigation satellites successfully lifted off aboard a Long March 3B rocket on China’s seventh space launch in five weeks.
The Long March 3B rocket and a restartable Yuanzheng upper stage deployed the two Beidou navigation satellites – the 28th and 29th to …

Feb 2018 | No Comment

China teams up with U.S. firms to build aviation navigation database
China’s top aviation regulator partnered with U.S. companies to develop the country’s aviation navigation database.
The air traffic management bureau with the Civil Aviation Administration of China inked a cooperation agreement with U.S. aviation solutions provider Jeppesen and industrial giant Honeywell to make a …

Jan 2018 | No Comment

New satellite tracking of inflight aircraft to improve safety
At any given time, there are approximately 59,000 aircraft in flight worldwide. The ability to effectively track, monitor and report these aircraft is paramount to ensuring the safety of passengers and crew, as well as that of communities on the ground. The United Nations specialized agency …

Dec 2017 | No Comment

Air Force accepts delivery of GPS Next Generation Operational Control System
The Space and Missile Systems Center announced that the United States Air Force has accepted delivery of the Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control System (GPS OCX) Launch and Checkout System (LCS) baseline from Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems.
Also known as Block …

Nov 2017 | No Comment

First contract between ESSP and KARI
ESSP has recently signed a framework Contract with KARI (Republic of Korea Aerospace Research Institute) to support them on the set-up of the future Korean Service Provider for KASS, the Korea Augmentation Satellite System similar to the European EGNOS. The signature was sealed last October 25th at the Toulouse …