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Contract awarded to Israeli defense firms by Pentagon

The Pentagon awarded US defense corporation Raytheon and Israel Military Industries with a contract to develop and manufacture GPS-guided mortar shells. The 120-mm. mortar shells will be longrange, precision- guided projectiles.

The guided version of the shell offers “operational flexibility” and “excellent accuracy in striking the target,” while “enlarging the existing assistance for these mortars, even in especially difficult weather conditions.”

NCA trials e-navigation

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) has initiated the first full-scale trial of e-navigation technology in Norwegian waters in conjunction with Navtor and ferry operator Fjord Line. The NCA is using Navtor’s NavStation digital chart table to digitally share routing information with Fjord Line’s Stavangerfjord, which sails between Norway and Denmark. First launched in 2014, NavStation gathers all of the information navigators need into a single interface, including weather data, tidal information, digital publications, and other services such as passage planning and route monitoring. This enables the NCA and the ship’s crew to seamlessly share accurate and real-time information, enhancing maritime safety, efficiency and control. Routes can then be approved or adjusted instantaneously.

China builds ground service center for satnav system

A ground data center that will support China’s independent satellite navigation system was recently given a go-ahead to offer LBS. Located in central China’s Henan Province, the center features 63 data stations that are able to increase the resolution of images downloaded from the Beidou Navigation Satellite System from ten meters to mere millimeters.

“From chips, receivers to servers, all of the center’s components are ‘Made-in-China,’ which makes it the first independent data system under total control of our country. It’s of crucial significance to our country’s infrastructure and information security,” said Beidou expert Li Guangyun. With myriad functions that include satellite navigation, precision time synchronization and speed measuring, the center’s services will first be applied in traffic, water resources, agriculture and police affairs, with a project to monitor the province’s freeway network soon to go live.

Beidou performing well after tests

The three satellites launched this year for China’s indigenous satellite navigation system are sending twice as many signals as their predecessors, said the system’s designer, after completing tests on the new units. The 18th and 19th satellites for the Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) were sent into space on July 26, and the 20th on Sept. 30.

While they are less than half the weight of earlier generations, the new satellites’ output is greater, matching the best around the world, said the China Academy of Space Technology in its latest newsletter.

After tests of their orbits and key technology, they are working as intended and in all weather, according to the academy. http://

Russian Defense Ministry Conducts Final GLONASS Tests

Russia’s GLONASS satellite navigation system has been handed to the Defense Ministry for final tests, the chief executive of the system’s developing company said.

“We presented the system to the customer for final tests currently underway,” Russian Space Systems (RSS) Director General Andrei Tyulin told. He said tests resumed on Saturday after the company remedied problems previously identified by the ministry.

Satnav chip set deal between Russia and China

Russia and China will soon finalize an agreement to establish two joint ventures to develop, manufacture and sell new satellite navigation devices that receive signals from three major navigation systems, the head of Russia’s GLONASS Union said.

The Bei-Dou-GLONASS-GPS device will operate under the “BG-Star” brand on Russian and Chinese markets, with plans to expand further. One of the ventures is expected to develop the chip set at Russia’s Skolkovo Innovation Center, the other based in China and involved in manufacturing and sales.

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