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says Matthew M O’Connell, CEO, President and Director, GeoEye

From 2006 to 2010, it has been quite a journey for GeoEye. What were the highlights of this incredible journey?
It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. Just 7 ½ years ago, GeoEye had 60 employees generating $9 million per year, and our equity was worth …

Aug 2009 | Comments Off on “We have just scratched the surface of what photogrammetry will do for all of us in the future”

Could you highlight the strengths of Vexcel Imaging large and medium format camera’s for our readers.
The strength of Vexcel is outstanding market knowledge, unparalleled technical experience and the attitude for innovation, all combined to maximize the customer benefi t of our products. Vexcel entered the market of digital large format aerial cameras in 2004, about three years later than the competition with a new concept, the UltraCam. Since then we have increased our market share constantly and became the market leader quickly – we have sold more than 125 UltraCams and additionally quite some camera upgrades. Obviously the market has decided for frame cameras and has made the UltraCam the most successful large format camera series.

Jun 2009 | Comments Off on “Our technology is a great fit for aftermarket product realizations”

Steven Koles, President & Chief Executive Officer Hemisphere GPS on product, …

Jan 2009 | Comments Off on “We let our brands and subsidiaries work and “live” as individual companies”

says Ola Rollén, CEO Hexagon AB while discussing Hexagon brand and strategies

Please elaborate on the …