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Sep 2012 | Comments Off on Collision avoidance by speed change

A casual Internet search can uncover much concern about the abruptness – and a potential for unnecessary “dodgesjust- in-case-the-azimuth direction…” – and the safety – of the climb / dive combination. Those and other capability restrictions are traceable to limited pre- GPS technology – highly dependent on transponders.

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To the existing tracts on the adaptivity theme I wish to offer my own observations. As musings prompted by one individual’s limited experience, these reflections cannot by any means represent a complete prescription answering this global question. Nevertheless, significant value can be gained from a response offering meaningful solutions wherever needed. In fact, solutions offered herein are asserted to give performance improvements that are urgently required.

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James L Farrell, John W lavrakas
Addressing GPS user problems
While GPS offers a ubiquitous, precise, and reliable positioning and timing service to much of the world, in many cases this service falls short. Anyone who has walked into a building with a GPS receiver actively displaying a location is aware of the immediate effect of the …