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Optimum use of land and natural resources, lifestyle for environment and new partnerships are critical elements of a resilient, low carbon habitat

A K Jain

Worked as Commissioner (Planning), Delhi Development Authority and as a member of the Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs on the DDA (2015). He was a member of UN …

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March 2022

GeoIgnite Winter Geo 2022 (Online)

1-2 March

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Using cryptographic digital technology, a mobile application could be developed to eliminate property registry fraud even before it occurs

Jethro Jones

Medici Land Governance, Utah, USA

Property registry fraud is a form of identity theft used to steal property by forging documents in the name of the property’s rightful owner. Property registry fraud impacts land rights across the …

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March 2022

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2022

7-9 March Munich, Germany

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Volume XVII, Issue 12, December 2021

How to conceptualize a PPP for land administration services

Tony Burns, Fletcher Wright, Kate Fairlie and Kate Rickersey

Exploring our physical world

Volker Janssen

Satellite based mapping of air pollution using Google Earth …

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February 2022

Geo Week

6-8 February, 2022 Denver, CO, USA

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1. Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is a general term describing any satellite constellation that provides positioning, navigation and timing services on a global and regional basis and whose data are used for a broad range of applications. Current GNSS include the following global and regional constellations: the Global Positioning System (GPS) of the …

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December 2021

SIRGAS2021 (virtual)

Nov 29 to Dec 1

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Volume XVII, Issue 10, October 2021

Modernization of land administration services in Uganda

Richard Oput

COVID-19 and the role of digital technology based on the ten global trends identified by the World Economic Forum

Rishiraj Dutta

Humorous science: Vampires and …

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September 2021

Commercial UAV Expo Americas

7-9, September Las Vegas USA