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Ownership and long term leasehold are the most important rights in land. The actual content of these rights may vary between countries and jurisdictions, but in general the content is well understood. Rights to land also include the rights of use. This right may be limited through public land use regulations and restrictions, sectoral land use provisions, and also various kind of private land use regulations such as easements, covenants, etc…

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ll countries have to deal with the management of land. They have to deal with the four functions of land tenure, land value, land use, and land development in some way or another.

National capacity may be advanced and combine the activities in one conceptual framework supported by sophisticated ICT models. More likely, capacity will involve very fragmented and basically analogue approaches…

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THE land-sea interface is one of the most complex areas of management in the world consisting of both the marine and terrestrial environments. The coastal zone is also home to an increasing number of activities, rights and interests. Population along the coastline is continuously increasing, bringing about new pressures on the fragile eco-system of the coastal zone. This has brought with it an increased need to more effectively and efficiently manage this area to meet the economic, environmental and social outcomes of sustainable development.

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LAND forms important part of development activity. Land revenue is one of the sources of income for state governments. It may come from land holdings by private individuals, real estate transactions or other natural resources being tapped by various sections of the society. Hence, creation of a Land Information Management System involves

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The Northern Territory (NT) has been able to introduce innovative digital survey and cadastral management for Land Administration….

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The Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration (CSDILA) at the University of Melbourne, Australia, has been chosen…

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The joint FIG/World Bank Publication states that Fit-for-purpose means that the land administration systems…

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In all development cooperation projects in the field of land administration, initially, the particular national and regional characteristics must be considered…

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Activities for land administration, cadastral mapping and registration of real property rights in the Republic of Kosovo are priority components for the country’s economic development strategy…