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The article presents views and opinion about current issues and priorities surrounding Geomatics and GNSS by experts in their repective domain.

Prof P Misra

Consultant in Land
Information Technologies
Geographical Information System (GIS) has taught us that all surveying and mapping projects in the future have to be dependent on multi-disciplinary surveys with accurate ground control points provided by the national surveying organisations. This leads us to think that an appropriate structure/interconnection of the various organisations presently entrusted with the surveys should be brought together. Example, topographical surveys, geological surveys, forest surveys, soil and land use surveys etc. The present attempt is to propose a concept of structure which will provide the necessary linkages along with some future objectives.

National Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Ministry looking after the NSDI should be the overall in-charge of
ALL surveys, as mentioned above. The chief coordinator will, in real sense, be the Surveyor General of India. The present Surveyor General of India, the Head of Survey of India should have a new designation.
The revamped NSDI will lay the performance objectives of the constituent organisations under it.

NSDI: Additional Duties/Charter

• Applications of Satellite Imagery and Remote Sensing technology to be made more intensive and should form the basic inputs on laid out production norms of surveying and mapping. Department of Space should enhance its program on applications as compared to the Technology.
• Cadastral Surveys: There is a wide gap in technological practices in cadastral/revenue departments of the various states. NSDI should have a special Division exclusively for assistance to the states for upgradation of their standards. It should also run and recognize Training, R&D, Publications and Fellowships for the benefi t of the state personnel. Formulation of Policies regarding Geomatics NSDI should be the nodal organisation to advise other Ministries – e.g. Defense on the impact of the policies like restriction etc.

Education and Training

Survey Training Institute, Hyderabad and Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun are two premier education and training organisations. These should be merged and redesigned towards becoming a Surveying University. This university should also be engaged in R&D, and Publications. NSDI should provide the necessary ‘extension’ services to this University.

Chairs in Geomatics

Professorial ‘Chairs’ should be established at IIT (Roorkee), Anna University, Chennai, IIRS Dehradun and Survey Training establishment at Hyderabad under the budget of the Central Government.

Balance between Government and Private Sector in Geomatics

NSDI should oversee that the private sector is well represented in Geomatics Sector in India. In Summary, stress in the future should be on the applications of technology, effi cient Geomatics products and services with international outlook and marketing practices. My earlier paper should be seen for further ideas on this subject.

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