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Kaga teams with u-blox to launch HSPA M2M card in Japan

Tokyo-headquartered Kaga Electronics has integrated u-blox’ high-speed UMTS modem technology into their U130-KG wireless 3G air-interface card. The card is designed for machines, PoS terminals, meters, signage and security systems used throughout Japan. It integrates u-blox’ LISA-U130 UMTS/HSPA module to deliver lightning-fast wireless performance: 7.2 Mb/s download and 5.76 Mb/s upload speeds.

Navigator Mobile App for the iPad

Bentley Systems has released Navigator Mobile app, providing unrivalled review of 3D models on the iPad, and the next generation of Bentley’s i-models, which serve as containers for open infrastructure information exchange. It enables construction workers in the fi eld, architects and engineers on the move, and other project stakeholders to navigate – online or offl ine – 3D architecture, engineering, and construction models intuitively and fully using i-models, as well as to browse a broad range of project documents in various formats.

TomTom launches in-car GPS PND for Goa in India

TomTom expands map coverage and content covering all the major beaches, 34,000 points of interest across 264 categories, more than 170 prominent tourist destinations around Goa with turn by turn voice guided navigation from more than 5800 cities and towns across India. The device will not only enable the tourists but locals to explore Goa and nearby getaways.

Apple buys WiFi startup to aid indoor navigation

Apple has bought WiFiSLAM, a startup that has been developing a way to use WiFi hotspots to help smartphones navigate large indoor spaces, like stores, airports and conference centers.

Apple patent shows pen with GPS, phone

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Offi ce has reissued a patent to Apple for a mobile computer encased in a pen, adding cellular and GPS capabilities. Originally assigned to British Telecommunications PLC in 1998, the U.S. rights were transferred to Apple in 2008 but the patent was reissued with additional features included, Apple Insider reported.

The original patent describes a multifunction device equipped with a pair of accelerometers to recognize handwritten input and a built-in display; the new patent adds 11 new claims to the original, most having to do with cellular connectivity and GPS capabilities.

Market witnessing an increased replacement of PNDs by smartphones

TechNavio’s analysts forecast the Global GNSS market to grow at a CAGR of 20.98 percent over the period 2012-2016. The Global GNSS market has also been witnessing the increased replacement of PNDs by smartphones. However, the reduced investments due to global recession could pose a challenge to the growth of this market. The main factor that drives the demand for GNSSs is the increasing popularity of LBSs, which are information services used by advertising professionals to promote locationspecifi c products and services. LBSs are highly benefi cial not only to advertising professionals, who can effi ciently promote their products and services, but also to the end-users of the products, who can reap the benefi ts of regional offers.

China to launch Earthobservation satellite

China will launch its fi rst highresolution satellite for Earth observation in April, according to a government agency. China plans to launch fi ve to six satellites before the end of 2015 to build a spatial, temporal and spectral high-resolution observation system, it said.

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