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Ashtech 6D GNSS Sensor

Trimble has introduced the Ashtech ADU800 for GNSS attitude determination and www.Ashtech-OEM.comreal-time positioning. The ADU800 is a 6D positioning solution providing position plus orientation for system integrators. It provides precise heading, pitch and roll with 3D positioning up to centimeter-level accuracy and velocities at a rate of up to 20 Hz for static and dynamic platforms. It is an ideal solution for a wide variety of airborne, marine and terrestrial applications. The ADU800 from Ashtech is a three antenna GNSS solution utilizing “on-the-fly” integer ambiguity resolution techniques with carrier phase measurements from the three on-board GNSS receivers to provide instantaneous 3D attitude information.

It is housed in a small, weatherproof, lightweight, rugged enclosure, and is built using the GPS/GLONASS/SBAS MB100 and MB800 boards. Embedded Z-Blade™ signal processing technology provides powerful performance and uses multiple GNSS constellations. The ADU800 can be operated in harsh environments while requiring minimal space for its installation.

IFEN opens U.S. operations

IFEN has announced the opening of its U.S. subsidiary, IFEN Inc., to address the American market for GNSS test equipment. The Poing, Germany–based company has named Mark Wilson as vice-president of sales at IFEN Inc. Dr. Günter Heinrichs, head of customer applications and business development, said that the subsidiary operations, located in California, will greatly facilitate order placement, delivery, and support for U.S. customers. IFEN offers a range of simulators capable of reproducing all signals and frequencies of all GNSS constellations as well as a multi-GNSS software receiver.

ProMark 700 GNSS Network RTK Rover

Spectra Precision has introduced the new ProMark™ 700 GNSS receiver to meet the evolving needs of the land survey market. It is an ideal RTK rover specifi cally designed for network RTK applications. Weighing only 650 grams (1.4 pounds), the ProMark 700 is the lightest GNSS RTK smart antenna available on the market today. Its light weight, together with a very compact and slim design, makes the receiver portable and comfortable for fi eld use. It features a long battery life (typically over 10 hours) for all-day operation without the need for battery recharging or replacement. With its rugged, waterproof design and a wide operating temperature range, the ProMark 700 can be used in harsh outdoor environments.

The new receiver is equipped with 220 dual-frequency and dual-constellation GNSS channels that allow tracking of all available L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS satellite signals. It provides all the necessary features for effective network RTK operations, without the unnecessary complexity of rarely-used modules or options.

Leica ADS100 airborne digital sensor

Leica ADS100 is latest airborne digital sensor from Leica Geosystems .It offers a swath width of 20,000 pixels for all multispectral bands (RGBN) and multispectral capability in forward, nadir and backward, making it the most productive airborne sensor available today. It provides the world’s fi rst large format CCD line with TDI (Time Delay and Integration) to increase sensitivity despite a smaller pixel size. By doubling the cycle rate, high resolution images can now be acquired at much higher ground speeds. To provide the best stabilization performance, the new Leica PAV100 gyro-stabilized mount is equipped with revolutionary adaptive control technology.

Spectracom Simulator compatible with Beidou Navigation System

The Spectracom GSG Series 5 and Series 6 GNSS signal simulators, released last year, are designed to be fi eld upgradeable to simulate current and future GNSS constellations. GSG simulators are capable of outputting the frequencies, modulations and data formats of anticipated GNSS systems. The recent release of the Beidou ICD specifi cation has confi rmed that Spectracom GPS/GNSS simulators will be able to emulate these satellite signals with a simple fi eld-upgradeable fi rmware update.

I-Site 8200 laser scanner for underground survey

Maptek new laser scanner is designed specifi cally for underground applications. The I-Site 8200 is ultra-versatile. It can be coupled with a range of accessories to provide a complete scanning system for underground drives, tunnels and stopes, as well as surface stockpiles and silos. Processing of scan data can be undertaken in I-Site Studio and I-Site Void software. The I-Site 8200 has all the hallmarks of I-Site systems – speed and accuracy of data collection, portability and rugged industrial design.

Microsoft introduces new oblique UltraCam Osprey

Microsoft UltraCam Osprey is a new digital aerial system that combines a high performing photogrammetric nadir camera with oblique image capture capabilities. This third generation UltraCam camera builds on the UltraCam Eagle technology, including advanced electronics to achieve an exceptional signal/noise ratio; solid state storage of 3.3TB; and a modular housing concept that integrates all components into one unit. To achieve high fl ight effi ciency, it is designed so that the full swath width of the nadir cone (11,674 pixels) can be used, and oblique wing images overlap enough to generate oblique orthos. The 60 MP backward and forward wing images and the 32 MP left and right wing images, combined with a 2.2 second frame rate, ensure adequate coverage. Due to the overlap with the nadir part of the camera, the wing image orientation can be further improved by automated tie point matching.

CSR Location Platforms go live with BeiDou-2 satellite tracking

SiRFstarV™, SiRFprima® and SiRFatlas® location platforms are now able to acquire and track satellites and utilise location data froom BeiDou Satellite Navigation System (BDS) to help these devices achieve best-in-class location positioning and navigation performance anywhere in the world.

MicroSurvey software is free for educational institutions

Microsurvey has highly invested in the education of the next generation of surveyors, law enforcement specialists, and construction professionals. They have given away over 10 million dollars in software licenses to over 150 educational institutions across the globe and would continue to do in future.

Optech CS6500 aerial digital camera

Optech has released CS-6500 aerial camera system. A direct advance from the Optech CS-4800 camera, it inherits the CS-4800’s robust and proven design while providing enhancements and new features. As a result, the CS- 6500 is a highly effi cient camera.

Get new Esri App from Apple App Store, ArcGIS Online & Google Play

Esri has created two new applications to monitor daily operations and simplify fi eld data collection. Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS provides a common operating picture and allows decision makers to monitor, track, and report on daily operations. Collector for ArcGIS allows users to capture and report spatial and/or tabular information directly from their iPhone or Android smartphone in the fi eld. The Operations Dashboard and Collector applications are available to organizations that have either a 30-day trial or have purchased an ArcGIS Online subscription.

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