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High Accuracy GIS Total Solution by FOIF SuperGIS

Supergeo Technologies has announced the cooperation with Suzhou FOIF Co. (FOIF) in providing worldwide surveyors with high accuracy GIS turnkey solution.

Having more than 50-year experience in geo-related surveying equipment manufacturing, FOIF presents gyroscope station, total stations, theodolites, laser products, GNSS and so on. By collaborating with FOIF, a reputed and professional hardware provider, Supergeo is able to provide users around the world with a complete GIS solution. FOIF is offering a special offer for worldwide GIS users.

Vector V104™ GPS Compass

Hemisphere GNSS has announced Vector V104, the world’s smallest high-accuracy, dual-receiver GPS compass and the latest addition to its innovative precise heading and positioning product line. Based on the company’s patented Crescent® Vector™ technology, the Vector V104 integrates two GPS antennas, a multi-axis gyro, and a tilt sensor into a single, easy-to-use system. The dual integrated antennas provide both heading and position data, and the gyro and tilt sensor improve system performance and provide backup heading information if the GPS-based heading is ever lost. The Crescent technology provides highly accurate code phase management and outstanding multipath mitigation. This results in excellent accuracy and stability, enabling the user to install the V104 in areas where competing products have difficulty.

FOCUS 30 Robotic Total Stations aid Saskatchewan Bridges

Across the vast remote prairies and boreal forests of Saskatchewan lie numerous bridges, large and small, traversing the drainage basins of this huge landlocked province. Building and repairing bridges is a continuing important task for Canada Bridge, a division of Minty’s Moving. With the acquisition of the Spectra Precision FOCUS 30 total station, a fully motorized robotic solution, bridge positioning and elevations are achieved with a new level of accuracy and efficiency. The result is fewer problems: better bridge alignments and elevations for smoother rides, and lower longer-term maintenance costs.

SP80 GNSS Receiver Tops Five in Sarawak Rainforest Competition

When the Land Survey Department of Sarawak, Malaysia wanted to upgrade its cadastral survey capability, it held a competition among six leading brands to determine the best GNSS receiver for its needs. The clear winner in all seven of the benchmark test was the Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS receiver. The test took measurements to two points each more than 13 km distant. The Spectra Precision SP80, with its 240-channel chipset optimized for tracking and processing signals from all GNSS constellations, won this contest repeatedly with all measurements within five millimeters of the known distance.

Leica GR10 & GR25 Unlimited reference receivers

Leica Geosystems has extended its Spider product family with the new GNSS Unlimited for the Leica GR10 and GR25 GNSS receiver series, allowing receivers to be upgraded to the latest technology standards at any time. Both receivers are especially designed for Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) infrastructure and monitoring applications, supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS. In addition, the classic Leica GRX1200+GNSS has been enhanced to support the Chinese BeiDou navigation system.

COWI to operate two new Leica ALS80-HP scanners

COWI, based in Denmark, is the first mapping company in Europe to start operating two new Leica ALS80HP airborne scanners. The new advanced technology will be used for large area scanning as well as forest assessment, and supporting engineering design services.

GNSS Timing Products for LTE Market by Trimble

Trimble has introduced a new portfolio of time and frequency products to address the synchronization needs of the growing LTE small cell market. The products are designed for a wide range of small cell synchronization applications. The products provide increased holdover capabilities and more robust signals with multi-constellation GNSS technology to sync wireless networks more efficiently.

Automation in Trimble Positions Software Suite

Trimble has announced a new version of its Trimble® Positions™ software suite. It includes automated workflows to streamline data collection and increase productivity for GIS professionals in a variety of industries such as utility companies, environmental management agencies and municipalities.

With Trimble Positions, GIS professionals benefit from increased productivity through a streamlined and integrated workflow for managing GNSS data collection. Trimble Positions is a collection of Esri software extensions that provide high-accuracy capabilities on the Trimble GeoExplorer®, Juno®, and Yuma® series of field handheld computers, and on Trimble Pro series receivers.

USDA certifies CompassData’s CompassTA™ Elevation Verification Software

CompassData has announced that its CompassTA™ elevation accuracy software has received OCIO-ITS certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Certification allows 40,000 USDA users the opportunity to utilize CompassTA software for elevation accuracy verification of LiDAR point clouds, digital elevation models (DEM), and other raster data sets.

Broadcom Seeking to address Pay-TV Piracy with GNSS-Enabled Chipset

Broadcom has combined a GNSS receiver with a satellite Outdoor Unit (ODU), enabling pay-TV operators to geo-lock content to subscribers. The company hopes the new product, which took roughly a year to complete, will reduce the theft of premium video content.

Eos Positioning Launches Arrow High-Accuracy GNSS Receiver

Eos Positioning Systems has introduced a new line of high-accuracy GNSS receivers for smartphones and tablet computers, including both sub-meter and RTK performance for all mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows. The entry-level product, the Arrow Lite, is Bluetooth compatible with all mobile devices. The Arrow 100 is Eos’s advanced real-time, sub-meter GNSS receiver that utilizes both GPS and GLONASS, and is expandable to Galileo, Beidou and QZSS. It offers superior tracking under tree canopy, around buildings and in rugged terrain. In addition to supporting SBAS in North/ Central America, Europe, Northern Africa, Japan, India and Russia, the Arrow 100 also supports OmniSTAR’s worldwide, real-time sub-meter service. The most advanced Arrow receiver is the Arrow 200, a dual-frequency, multiconstellation RTK GNSS receiver capable of 1-cm accuracy in real time.

Two GNSS New Modules by u-blox u-blox

NEO/LEA-M8T set new industry benchmark for satellitebased precision timing

u blox announces the NEO-M8T and LEA-M8T precision timing modules. The compact, surface-mount modules are able to generate a precise reference clock with <20 ns accuracy.

Northrop Grumman to Supply Navigation System for SBIRS GEO-5 Satellite

Northrop Grumman Corporation has been selected by prime contractor Lockheed Martin to provide its space inertial reference system for the US Air Force Space-Based Infrared System’s (SBIRS) fifth Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) satellite. Northrop Grumman will provide its Scalable Space Inertial Reference Unit (Scalable SIRU) for sensor pointing/stabilisation and attitude control on the SBIRS GEO-5 mission.

Geographic Calculator 2015

Blue Marble Geographics has announced the release of the Geographic Calculator 2015. This major release features several new Administrative Tools, support for Geoid Creation in conjunction with Global Mapper v16, and support for Magnetic Declination.

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