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LT400HS GNSS Handheld by CHC

CHC has announced the availability of the LT400HS a rugged 120-channel GPS+GLONASS Handheld Receiver designed to achieve sub-meter SBAS positioning to centimeter accuracy in RTK networks. It is the most cost-effective and powerful GNSS Solution for Survey, Construction and GIS Professionals. It is the perfect choice for companies which have not yet invested in GNSS technology due to cost or/and occasional equipment use.

DB Netz AG selects Intergraph®’s Geospatial Solutions

DB Netz AG, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG and responsible for the railway infrastructure in Germany, recently selected Intergraph®’s GeoMedia® Desktop Suite as part of its AGON GIS project initiative. Using Intergraph’s system, DB Netz will be able to consolidate all if its legacy systems into one modern GIS environment.

IFEN and WORK Microwave to support BeiDou

IFEN in partnership with WORK Microwave have announced the release of software update V.1.9 for their NavX®-NCS GNSS multifrequency simulator product line. Users will have the flexibility to support a wide range of constellations, frequencies, and channels for research and development of GNSS safety and professional applications, as well as system integration and production testing of mass market applications. A key new enhancement to the NavXNCS solution is comprehensive support of China’s BeiDou-2 navigation satellite system.

First live M-code signals to successfully navigate an aircraft

Rockwell Collins’ Receiver Cards were recently used in an historic test flight resulting in the first time any aircraft has used live Military code (M-code) signals to successfully navigate. The M-code signal is one of the key elements in the modernization of military GPS capabilities. The flight, which took place at Holloman Air Force Base near Alamogordo, N.M., in June, successfully tested the Rockwell Collins GB-GRAM-M (M-code GPS Receiver) integrated into the RQ-11B Raven unmanned aerial system.

GNSS receiver module for satnav and positioning

A low power GNSS receiver module available from Solid State Supplies combines GPS and GLONASS to deliver reliable, accurate satellite navigation and positioning. Measuring just 10.1 x 9.7 x 2.5mm, the L76 provides simultaneous open service L1 band (1575.42MHz) reception capability. With 33 tracking channels, 99 acquisition channels and 210 PRN channels, it is capable of ultra low power tracking (18mA) and acquisition (25mA) of any combination of GPS and GLONASS signals.

3-year PT Seascape Positioning Contract for Veripos

Veripos have been awarded a further three-year contract by PT Seascape Surveys Indonesia of Jakarta which has been commissioned to provide comprehensive positioning and survey support services over a similar period to a major oil and gas concern operating out of the Indonesian province of East Kalimantan.

GMV wins cartographic production contract from Abu Dhabi

GMV has won a contract from the Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency for drawing up fine-scale terrestrial and marine Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) and habitat maps for the whole Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Within the project, primed by Proteus, GMV is leading the terrestrial part, including the development of the LULC and habitat maps that will serve as the primary baseline ecological dataset supporting EAD’s environmental conservation activities over the next decade.

Septentrio’s receiver integrated with Tethered Aerostat Systems

Raven Aerostar, a manufacturer of Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) platforms that provide unmatched performance in challenging environments, has successfully integrated Septentrio’s AsteRx2eH, a single-board dual-antenna GPS/GLONASS heading receiver into their tethered aerostat systems. Raven Aerostar recently completed a maritime persistent surveillance solution demonstration, deploying a TIF-25K™ aerostat system aboard the High-Speed Vessel – SWIFT (HSV-2), during which the AsteRx2eH performed remarkably.

ArcPad 10.2 Improves Integration with ArcGIS

Continuing its effort to connect desktop and mobile workflows in a seamless platform, Esri has released ArcPad 10.2. It is a mobile mapping and field data collection software designed for GIS professionals. Its new version improves synchronization with the ArcGIS platform and speeds data collection in the field with new automation options. It gives users the ability to directly open ArcGIS feature services in ArcPad and synchronize edits with hosted or on-premises GIS.

GNSS-Enabled PCIe Mini Card Supports GPS And GLONASS

A new PCI Express mini card, the PX1 from MEN Micro, uses a GNSS receiver to handle data transmissions from both GPS and GLONASS systems. The board, supporting both active and passive antennas via a U.FL connector, boasts superior satellite-based communication worldwide. A gyroscope sensor on the mini card enables dead reckoning functionality, ensuring accurate position identification even when a satellite signal is interrupted, such as driving through a tunnel. Various satellitebased augmentation systems that help improve the accuracy, reliability, and availability of the GNSS information are supported.

Trimble News

Next-Gen Tablet PC for Surveying

Trimble® Tablet PC for surveying is a lightweight, rugged and highly mobile field computer that can operate with Trimble’s suite of receivers and total stations to provide a complete surveying solution.

Ashtech High-Accuracy GNSS Module

Ashtech MB-One GNSS module delivers highly accurate GNSSbased heading plus pitch or roll in an advanced industry standard form-factor for system integrators. Its embedded Z-Blade™ GNSS technology uses all available GNSS signals equally, without any constellation preference, to deliver fast and stable solutions. It is an ideal solution for adding precise positioning and heading in a wide variety of applications.

AP15 GNSS-Inertial Board

Trimble® AP15 is the latest member of the AP series of OEM GNSS-Inertial board sets. It uses a custom Micro Electromechanical Machined (MEMS) based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). It is the first product to take advantage of Applanix’ proprietary calibration process – Applanix SmartCal™, a new software compensation technology that allows Trimble to achieve exceptional performance from IMUs manufactured specifically for mobile mapping applications.

Myanmar Survey Dept. purchases UltraMap and UltraCam Eagle

The Survey Department of the Myanmar Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MOECF) has contracted to purchase a complete hardware and software aerial mapping package, including an UltraCam Eagle digital aerial camera system with an 80mm lens, the UltraMap DenseMatcher, Ortho Pipeline and Aerial Triangulation software modules, and the UltraNav flight management system.

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