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Hemisphere GPS’ new miniEclipse™ Compact OEM Modules

Hemisphere GPS Eclipse™ P300 and Eclipse P301 OEM modules is the next generation high performance compact modules for RTK GNSS applications. P300 is a drop-in board replacement for Hemisphere GPS’ successful Crescent® L1 board as well as the fi rst generation miniEclipse P200 GPS-only OEM board. P301 is the 20 pin OEM module configured as a drop-in replacement for a different industry standard interface. Eclipse P300 and P301 improve GNSS positioning performance, particularly with RTK applications, through Hemisphere GPS’ patent-pending SureTrack® technology.

ITT Exelis bags USD 32 mn contract from Lockheed

Lockheed Martin awarded a USD 32 million contract to ITT Exelis to build the navigation payloads for the GPS III space vehicles three and four. Exelis announced in December 2011 that it had successfully integrated and performed the initial power up of the full-size payload prototype known as GPS III Non-Flight Satellite Testbed (GNST) Navigation Payload Element. Scheduled for first launch in 2014, GPS III satellites will deliver significant improvements compared with current GPS space vehicles.

Leica Spider Software Suite v 4.2

Leica Geosystems new version 4.2 of its Spider software suite is globally used solution for GNSS RTK networks is being continually enhanced and developed following the market needs and technological development to the benefits of its users. It is an integrated suite of programs for GNSS networks, consisting of Leica GNSS Spider, Leica SpiderWeb and Leica SpiderQC.

Leica iCON

Leica Geosystems iCON is a pioneering portfolio of tailor-made positioning and measuring solutions for construction professionals. It changes the way construction tasks are performed on site by offering new technology that significantly optimizes construction workflow efficiency enabling contractors to enhance their performance and increase their profitability through perfecting the entire construction workflow.

Leica MissionPro

Leica Geosystems Geospatial Solutions Division released of its new mission planning software, Leica MissionPro. It provides mission planning capability for all airborne sensors including LiDAR, line and frame sensors and is fully integrated into existing Z/I Imaging and Leica Geosystems workflows.



GNSS post-mission compatibility with Survey/GIS software

Effigis has launched a new version of its OnPOZ-EZSurv GNSS post-processing software (V2.89), introducing advanced compatibility with industry-standard field survey and GIS data collection software. It includes full compatibility with MicroSurvey FieldGeniusand Carlson SurvCE survey software and with ESRI ArcPad GIS software. With this compatibility, the user can replay any field data collection in post-mission (kinematic or static) to fill RTK gaps and apply rigorous QA analysis to survey data.

GNSS chip from Broadcom for indoor positioning

Broadcom Corporation has introduced a new location architecture and a GNSS chip to provide more responsive outdoor and indoor positioning capabilities for smartphone devices for applications, such as indoor positioning and place-based mobile commerce. The new chip reduces time-to-first-fix (TTFF) for outdoor positioning applications, cutting the time smartphone users have to wait when first checking their position.

GPS accuracy verification technique

SpeedGauge has announced a new GPS data accuracy and quality verification technique – SpeedGaugeAssurance, which assists telematics service providers to unobtrusively monitor the accuracy of infield devices and to benchmark the performance of devices in real-world operating conditions.


GPS/GLONASS module for navigation devices

Telit Wireless Solutions has announced a new dual GPS/GLONASS module that dramatically improves navigation performance by providing access to both the Russian GLONASS global navigation satellite system and U.S. GPS. Its new Jupiter(R) SL869 provides three times the usual satellite visibility by accessing to up to 22 satellites. It further reduces the delay from several minutes to seconds for a navigation device to acquire its position after being powered on.

FARO releases 3D scan processing software SCENE 5.0

FARO Technologies SCENE 5.0 is the latest in the company’s line of point cloud capture processing software for the Focus3D. It contains automatic fine registration, a new cloud-to-cloud enhancement that reduces or removes the need for the placement of artificial targets in many scanning applications, and significantly reduces post-processing time. Rather than utilising spheres or checkerboards, the software identifies prominent objects such as corners, edges and other flat structures within the scan and uses them as reference points.

New Versions of POS AV and POSTrack Systems by Applanix

Applanix has introduced its latest generation of GNSS-inertial and flight management systems (FMS) for airborne mapping— the POS AV™ V6 and POSTrack™ V6. POS AV is a hardware and software system specifically designed for directly georeferencing airborne sensor data. POSTrack consists of the POS AV system with a tightly integrated advanced FMS, which provides mission planning, pilot guidance and sensor control.

GeoEye wins contract from GE Aviation

GeoEye, Inc. has received a multiyear, multi-million dollar contract from GE Aviation. Under this contract, it will produce aviation reference data to serve hundreds of the world’s busiest airports. Over the next decade, GeoEye intends to capture all of the world’s International Air Transport Association (IATA) airports. This agreement allows GE Aviation to utilize GeoEye 3D Airports and Terrain/Obstacle databases produced from GeoEye’s stereo satellite imagery. These GeoEye aeronautical databases will be imbedded into GE Aviation’s products and services.

Navigation equipment production facility in India

M2M Telematics is planning to build a navigation equipment production facility in India, announced the company’s Executive Director Alexei Smyatskikh. Production is likely to be based on NIS GLONASS, the Indian subsidiary of Navigation and Information Systems (NIS GLONASS. “The Indian market is quite specific and the chief requirement is a low price for the equipment. That is why, in order to avoid additional expenses, NIS GLONASS has decided to organise production locally”, Smyatskikh said.

v.6 GeoPDF® software by TerraGo®

TerraGo® Technologies has released v.6 of its ComposerTM and ToolbarTM geospatial collaboration software. The new software creates GeoPDF® applications that are automatically enabled for dynamic updates and sharing by anyone, anywhere using TerraGo Toolbar and Adobe Reader®.

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