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Jan 2012 | No Comment

It cannot go on forever… we have to fi nd a solution!:Durk van Willigen;
LIDAR for visualization of 3D geological models: Reginaldo Macedônio da Silva, Leonardo Campos Inocencio, Larissa Jacobi, Débora Lamberty, Francisco Manoel Wohnraht Tognoli, Mauricio Roberto Veronez;
PPP using combined GPS/GLONASS:Mohamed Azab, Dr Ahmed El-Rabbany, Dr M Nabil Aly Shoukry, Dr Ramadan Khalil;

Dec 2011 | No Comment

LightSquared and GPS: Richard Keegan;
Spatially Smart Wine: Fadhillah Norzahari, Kate Fairlie, Adrian White, Mitchell Leach, Mark Whitty, Stephen Cossell, Jose Guivant, Jayantha Katupitiya;
Land governance: Keith Clifford Bell;

Nov 2011 | No Comment

Geodesy: Out with the Old, In with the New:Chris Rizosl;
Experiences from world bank development support for land reform:Keith Clifford Bell;
Improving the administration of marine and coastal spaces:Harun Kenan Subasi, Reha Metin Alkan;

Oct 2011 | No Comment

Experiences from world bank development support for land reform: Keith Clifford Bell;
Analyses of Internetbased GPS processing services: Harun Kenan Subasi, Reha Metin Alkan;

Sep 2011 | No Comment

LightSquared and GPS; The challenges before surveyors and surveying: Ian Harper;
Making surveying education relevant: Garfield Young, Martin J Smith, Roger Murphy;

Aug 2011 | No Comment

Cadastre: Evolution or Revolution?- Kees de Zeeuw, Martin Salzmann;
Track me if you can! – Pei-Hung Jau, Zuomin Tsai, Fan-ren Chang, Huei Wang;
How to measure traffic jam?- Martin Grzebellus;
National GIS: Views and voices- K R Sridhara Murthi, NL Sarda, Swarna Subba Rao, Vandana Sharma

Jul 2011 | No Comment

Performance evaluation of the effect of QZS (Quasi-zenith Satellite) on precise positioning: Nobuaki Kubo, Tomoko Shirair, Tomoji Takasu, Akio Yasuda, Satoshi Kogure;
Need for new services in land administration: András Osskó;
Analysis of integrated navigation with GPS source variability:Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik, Yong Li, Allison Kealy, Andrew G Dempster

Jun 2011 | No Comment

Road lane recognition using a precise digital map and GNSS :Eunsung Lee, Giwook Nam, Jae-Ik Park, MoonBeom Heo, Wooyong Kang;
Cost effective GNSS positioning techniques : Neil D. Weston, Volker Schwieger ;
Geodesic based trajectories in navigation : ADAM WEINTRIT, Piotr Kopacz ;
Implementation of a Semi-Dynamic Datum in New Zealand :Don Grant, Graeme Blick

May 2011 | No Comment

Volume VII, Issue 5, May 2011
Cadastres, Nations and States – Paul van der Molen, Satellite navigation – Matthew Anseau,
The APREF Project: First Results and Analysis – John Dawson, Lennard Huisman, Peter J G Teunissen, On geodesic based trajectories in navigation – Adam Weintrit, Piotr Kopacz,
Real time indoor location based service test bed – Li-Ta Hsu, Shau-Shiun Jan, Wen-Ming Tsai

Apr 2011 | No Comment

Tsunami in Japan:Shunji Murai; A long way to go:Rajib Shaw; Real time indoor location based service test bed:Li-Ta Hsu, Wen-Ming Tsai, Shau-Shiun Jan; A geo-spatial approach to urban development:Mahavir