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Nov 2012 | No Comment

UN-GGIM: Global vision and perspectives:
Joobin Im, Paul Cheung, Teo CheeHai, Dr Hiroshi Murakami, Dr Li Pengde, Datuk Prof Sr Dr AbdulKadir Bin Taib, Samuela Naicegucegu;

Measuring effects of mining on surface structure:
Asst Prof Dr Eray CAN, Prof Dr enolKU ÇU, Asst Prof Dr Hakan AKÇIN, Assoc Prof Dr Çetin MEKIK;

Oct 2012 | No Comment

Educating surveyors: Some of the challenges:John Hannah;

Key demands for sustainable land administration: Stig Enemark;

Improving cadastral survey procedures using crowd sourcing techniques:Sofia Basiouka, Chryssy Potsiou;

Sep 2012 | No Comment

Collision avoidance by speed change: James L Farrell;
A novel approach to autonomous pedestrian navigation: Pavel Davidson;
GAGAN: Status and Update: A S Ganeshan;
BeiDou: Xingqun ZHAN, YANG Dongkai;
The Jamaica VRS and Cadastral Surveying: Glendon G Newsome, Gregory Peake, Romayne Douglas;

Aug 2012 | No Comment

GAARDIAN: A system to detect GNSS jamming and Interference:
Andy G Proctor, Charles W T Curry, Jenna Tong, Mark Greaves, Paul Cruddace, Robert Watson;

The Jamaica VRS and cadastral surveying:
Glendon G Newsome, Gregory Peake, Romayne Douglas;

Jul 2012 | No Comment

SEGS: A pro-poor agenda is paramount: Christiaan Lemmen, Christopher H Barlow, Dave Doyle, Ian Harper, Juerg Kaufmann, Keith Clifford Bell, Neil Pullar, Pierre Vincent, Rachael Knight, Robin McLaren, Stig Enemark, Teo CheeHai, Tony Burns;
A case for financing the `data’ as part of infrastructure: Dr Mahavir, Prabh Bedi;
Mobile Technology dynamics and industry economics: Ali Sarwar;

Jun 2012 | No Comment

Do Not Track!: George Cho;

Geodetic activities in Latin America and The Caribbean: always IN: C Bruninit, L Sánchez;

WAAS Today: Deborah Lawrence;

May 2012 | No Comment

Crustal movement before and after the Great East Japan Earthquake: Dr Shunji Murai, Dr Harumi Araki;
The importance of mitigation of GNSS vulnerabilities and risks: Renato Filjar, Darko Huljeni;
Assisting visually impaired using smart-phone sensors: Oluropo Ogundipe;

Apr 2012 | No Comment

Rx for SATNAV obscuration: James L Farrell;
Sharing marine data to improve knowledge and coastal management:César García Aranda, Agustín Molina García;
Comparing Global Geoids:EL Hassan EL BRIRCHI, Pr Driss EL AZZAB;
The Missing Observation: Orthometric Height:Mohamed Eleiche;

Mar 2012 | No Comment

GNSS vulnerabilities: Testing the Truth: Dr C S Dixon, Dr C J Hill, Dr M Dumville, Dr D Lowe;
The realization of [the] geocentric datum for Brunei Darussalam 2009: Dr Kazimierz Becek, Dr Adam Lyszkowicz;
Too Fast, Too Furious Was Haste: Gavin Schrock;
Cloud services are transforming the remote sensing industry: Brian Rohde;

Feb 2012 | No Comment

Choosing the best path: Global to national coordinate transformations: Joel Haasdyk, Dr Volker Janssen;
Building national capacity through spatial standards policies:Steven Ramage;
Locating dangerous zones prior to drilling the 57 km long Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland:Edi Meier, Ulrich Sambeth;