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Feb 2011 | No Comment

Continuous high precision navigation
Multisystem real time precise-point-positioning
Seamless WLAN/GPS hybrid localization
SDI framework

Jan 2011 | No Comment

Volume VII, Issue 1, January 2011



The decade belongs to GNSS

Boris Kennes, Justyna Redelkiewicz Musial

GNSS spoofing analysis by VIAS

Jyh-Ching Juang

Mass market receiver for static positioning

Marco Piras, Gianluca Marucco, Alberto Cina

Status of the GNSS Transmitter-Based Approach for Indoor Positioning

Anca Fluerasu, Nabil Jardak, Alexandre Vervisch-Picois, Nel Samama

Indian plan for Satellite-Based Navigation Systems …

Dec 2010 | No Comment

A Study on GPS/DR Car Navigation System using Vehicle Movement Information

Jong-Hwa Song and Gyu-In Jee

Modernizing the Indian Airspace

Suresh V Kibe

From Galileo to Multisystem: Evolution of Integrity concept

Giovanni Dore and Mario Calamia

Nov 2010 | No Comment

Volume VI, Issue 11, November 2010



SAT-SURF: An innovative & flexible HW+SW platform to assist research

Gianluca Falco, Fabrizio Dominici, Gianluca Marucco, Antonio Defina

The Implementation a Simulation Platform for INS/GNSS Integrated Systems

Chih-Yu Hu, Meng-Lung Tsai, Kai Wei Chiang

Numerical simulations of the optimal geodetic conditions with radioastron

Erhu Wei, Sándor Frey, Peilai Zhou, Jingnan Liu

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Oct 2010 | No Comment



Geospatial databases and the evolving role of the surveyor

Frank Derby

Challenges for Positioning and Navigation in the Arctic

Anna B O Jensen, Jean-Paul Sicard

Marketing of maps imagery and other geo-spatial data in India

P Misra

The Implementation a Simulation Platform for INS/GNSS Integrated Systems

Chih-Yu Hu, Meng-Lung Tsai, Kai-Wei Chiang

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Charles Branch, Swarna Subba Rao



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September 2010

Volume VI, Issue 9, September 2010



More GPS or Smarter GPS?

James L Farrell and John W Lavrakas

User authentication schemes for GNSS selective broadcasting

Niki Regina and Matteo Zanzi

Planning model for multiple hazard prone towns

Rajshree Kamat, Aruna Saxena and Ashutosh Sharma

Assessing the Security of Navigation System: A case Study …

Aug 2010 | No Comment

Volume VI, Issue 8, August 2010



Phase centre determination on the basis of far-field measurements

Nikola Basta, Andriy Konovaltsev and Lukasz A Greda

GPR data georeferencing using photogrammetry and digital maps

Barzaghi Riccardo, Carrion Daniela, Cazzaniga Noemi Emanuela and Forlani Gianfranco

GEO-spatial data accuracy and its legal implications

Adibah Awang, Shahidah Mohd Ariff and Ahmad Fauzi Nordin

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Jul 2010 | No Comment

Volume VI, Issue 7, July 2010



Transport planning in Korea

Eunsung Lee, Jae-Ik Park, Jung-Ho Cho, Moon-Beom Heo, Woo-Yong Kang

PNDs and smartphone navigation both will have its place

Jörn Watzke

Integration in a receiver position computation

Filipo Rodriguez, Gian Paolo Plaia

Need for comprehensive urban information system

Prof P Misra

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Sanjai Kohli



Jun 2010 | No Comment

Vol. VI Issue 6, June 2010



PND vs mobile Is landscape shifting?

Tomas Miranda, Gary Gale, Roger Jollis, Caroline Chow, Dominique Bonte, Andre Malm, Rohan Verma

GPS integrated with inertial sensors in mobile phones becomes a

Pavel Davidson, Jani Hautamaki, Jussi Collin and Jarmo Takala

Precise Orbit Determination of a
Galileo/GIOVE-A Satellite

Hua Su and Bernd Zimmermann

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François Erceau



May 2010 | No Comment

Vol. VI, Issue 5, May 2010



Real-Time GNS Software Receivers: challenges, status, and perspectives

Marcel Baracchi-Frei, Grégoire Waelchli, Cyril Botteron and Pierre-André Farine

F-22 GINS: Ensuring the raptor always gets its prey

Lt Christine Laning

Improved algorithms for sailing calculations innavigational system
Athanasios Pallikaris, Lysandros Tsoulos and Demitris Paradissis

Lessons from Haiti


The SEAGAL Project

Gustavo Belforte, Gabriella Povero, Matteo …