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As Coordinates readers, you appreciate the value of knowing where you are and what time it is, along with the best route to your destination…

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Remote sensing relies on hardware, software and workflow processes to deliver consistent and useful imaging products for a broad range of applications…

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The sky is red
As the summer sets in Australia,
The country especially New South Wales,
Is engulfed with bushfires.
Some reports suggest
27 death so far and many lost their homes,
Millions of hectares of land burned,
Half a billion animal affected,
Potentially millions of them died,
One third of koalas killed,
Even some species …

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March 2020

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit

16 – 18 March Munich, Germany

10th International Conference and Exhibition on Geospatial & Remote Sensing (IGRSM 2020)

17 -18 March
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Geo Connect Asia 2020

18 – 19 March Singapore

Geo Week

March 23-25, Washington, DC,

April 2020

United Nations/Mongolia Workshop
on the Applications of GNSS

13 – 17 April
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

SpaceTimeAI 2020

20 – 22 April London, UK

May 2020

China …

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The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of experiences globally with LRS PPPs and privatization proposals. Readers may recall that in the first part of the paper published in November issue the emphasis was on understanding privatization and Public Private Partnerships…

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Professor David Last died suddenly in a light aircraft crash near Puffin Island off the coast of Anglesey on 25th November 2019.

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As the use of ADAS and Autonomous Driving technology grows in automotive, so does the dependency on navigation and safety technologies that accommodate it. One of the core technologies used for navigation is GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System.

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In the real estate market they say it’s all about location, well, it’s the same in satellite navigation but for many different reasons. Precise location of objects using GNSS has been and will continue to be, the primary focus of the industry…

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When it comes to the trends and challenges facing autonomous navigation, there is one distinct factor that unites its application across transportation, robots, agriculture, space, marine, UAVs and drones, and that is an unprecedented rate of change….

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In 2019 we saw massive worldwide disruption from GNSS jamming, spoofing and other vulnerabilities. The scale of the disruptions we observed was unprecedented and even though to some of us there had been many indicators that this sort of…