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Mar 2007 | Comments Off on Music to the ears



There is news.
That too a good one.
Reportedly, all 4,800 maps of the Survey of India will be available in public domain.
As many as 2,900 are of open series.
It would happen by March end.
The commitment(!) comes from the Minister himself. The Minister of Science and Technology, Government of India.
It looks like actualization …

Feb 2007 | Comments Off on Blurred IMAGES



OnFinally, Google agreed.
Agreed to blur the pictures of sensitive Indian establishments.
Recently, Google Earth shocked many.
Many took the development as the deathblow to the issues like
“non-accessibility/non-availability of spatial information”.
However, many got worried, more than ever before,
about the security implications.
The issue was more important as many contended that “such
exposures” were selective in nature and not for all …

Feb 2007 | Comments Off on PCGIAP workshop

As part of the 17th United Nations Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Pacific (UNRCC-AP) held in Thailand in September 2006, Working Group 3 of the Permanent Committee for GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the Pacifi c (PCGIAP) organised a one-day international workshop (21st September 2006) on the‘Integration of Built and Natural Environmental Datasets within National SDI Initiatives’. The workshop was conducted with the support of the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration, the University of Melbourne.

Jan 2007 | Comments Off on On a high…



On Jan 10, India leaped high in space with the successful launch of its tenth Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C7) that put …

Dec 2006 | Comments Off on Pursuing a vision



There is a need to make available high resolution digital maps produced in India.
There is a need to place them on a website
There is a need to create a virtual Earth for India for easy access to its citizens.
There is a need to do this in a time bound manner with …

Nov 2006 | Comments Off on A lunar ambition



According to the reports published recently, ISRO plans to put an Indian in space by 2014 …

Nov 2006 | Comments Off on Consumer-grade GPS for efficient GIS and mapping applications

The GPS is a ubiquitous tool on the planet today. Its ability to pinpoint a person’s position on the globe, and store information about that location has been one of the most significant contributions to society in the latter Twentieth Century. Currently, the systematic collection of geospatial attribute data is limited to very expensive GPS receivers and specially trained personnel. The general procedure for collecting geospatial attributes with the consumer-grade GPS has required the use of “add-ons”, such as hand-held computers, laptops and palm pilots. These add-ons are frequently outside of the financial and technical reach of many communities, organizations and under funded agencies. The protocols and procedures presented here are designed to modify and merge existing methods and technologies to overcome these financial and technical barriers.

Oct 2006 | Comments Off on Setting standards



Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India has recently expressed concern over the ‘decline …

Oct 2006 | Comments Off on GPS based control points for mapping

To carry out the infrastructural development in any area, topographical maps (accurate, reliable and updated) of that area are of vital important. Topographic maps are also important aids for administrative and strategic planning, disaster mitigation, socioeconomic development and other related activities. In order to prepare topographic map, it is prerequisite to have grid coordinates as well as elevations of control points.

Sep 2006 | Comments Off on Planning planned cities



Delhi itself gives the glimpse of the status of cities of India.
The stress of increasing population, lack of …