The shades of independence

Aug 2007 | Comments Off on The shades of independence


India celebrates 60 years of independence.

We are happy once again.

A celebration for democracy and democratic values.

On the occasion, we take a look at two movements.

National Spatial Data Infrastructure and Sustainable Land Information Management System

Description of status and prescriptions of action plans.

Ironically, these are being discussed even today.

Both of them could have been tools to further democratic rights.

It is not that efforts are not there. They are.

That is why we have National Map Policy in place and a resolution on NSDI.

We also have ‘right to information’.

‘Right to spatial information’ eludes. Is that too much to ask for?

There are changes.

Positive changes in approach and mindsets.

That gives us hope.

And we live on hope


Bal Krishna, Editor




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