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Volume XVIII, Issue 11, November 2022

Assessment of the completion of the forest cadastre considering the legal grounds, collaboration, and the use of technology

Orhan Ercan and Nur Kemalettin Toker

On the applicability of integrated UAV
photogrammetry and automatic feature extraction for cadastral mapping

Oluibukun Gbenga Ajayi and Emmanuel Oruma

Animal navigation: how animals use environmental factors to find their way

Roswitha …

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The euphoria around the creation of the Loss and Damage Fund
At the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27)
Has limited justifiability.
Though even to achieve this has been a herculean task, it is still not sufficient.
The objective of such negotiations should be simple. …

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February 2023

GeoWeek 2023

13-15, FebruaryDenver, CO, USA

March 2023

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2023

13-15 March
Munich, Germany

DGI 2023

27 Feb-01 March
London, UK

April 2023


25-27 April
Prague, Czech Republic

May 2023

International Conference on Geomatics Education

10-12 May 2023

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UAV Navigation defines operational envelope for VECTOR-600 autopilot
An independent study conducted by UAV Navigation has defined the operational envelope of the VECTOR-600 autopilot based on the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) methodology. The operational envelope defines the operational risk profile within which an aircraft can operate …

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JAVAD GNSS Announces New Products
JAVAD GNSS launchd new GNSS products for geospatial applications.
The TRIUMPH-1M Plus and T3-NR smart antennas bring the latest satellite tracking technology into the Geopspatial portfolio using GNSS and inertial sensor fusion augmented by updated modules for UHF, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and power management.
The RS-3S is a rugged, mountable GNSS enclosure equipped with …

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NASA extends contract with Planet
Planet Labs PBC has announced NASA has exercised an option to extend its contract with Planet under the Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program through September 2023. Planet has been providing data to NASA scientists and federally funded researchers under this program since …

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ESA plans for low-orbiting navigation satellites
ESA’s Navigation Directorate is planning an in-orbit demonstration with new navigation satellites that will orbit just a few hundred kilometres up in space, supplementing Europe’s 23 222-kmdistant Galileo satellites. Operating added-value signals, these novel so-called ‘LEO-PNT’ satellites will investigate a new …

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FUKUI COMPUTER partners with Bentley Systems
FUKUI COMPUTER, Inc has entered into a strategic partnership with Bentley Systems to accelerate the adoption of digital workflows in the Japanese construction industry and support the promotion of digital transformation (DX) in the infrastructure field. It will leverage the Bentley …

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Migratory animals have innate programs to guide them to their still unknown goal. Highly mobile animals with large ranges develop a so-called navigational ‘map’, a mental representation of the spatial distribution of navigational factors within their home region and their migration route. We present here the first part of the paper. The concluding part will …