A strategic approach to data sharing

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Building the matrix of change

The Matrix Of Change system consists of three matrices and a set of stakeholder evaluations. It detects harmonizing and interfering practices and presents an overview of an interlocking organizational system.

Matrix construction then proceeds in four steps; Critical process, definition of system interaction, transition interaction and definition of survey stakeholder (Figure 4).

Critical process

First list is the existing goal, business practice and ways of doing NOPP/ RPPP profiles. However, it is rare that all-important practices can be identified in advance. A second list will describe the target practice. Identifying the most important process can be quite difficult but certain analyses, such as SWOT analysis result can help. Processes

No Proprietor Classification Idea Framework component
of data sharing
1 Calkins And Weathrebe 1995 Development of a Taxonomy for research into spatial data sharing – Characteristics of the organization,
– Characteristics of the Data
– Characteristics of the Exchange
– Constraint and impediment
Framework recognises organizational issue and nature of exchange
2 Kenvay 1995 More detailed structure to measure effectiveness and enhance decision making of data sharing – project environment
– sharing classes
– need for shared data
– opportunity to share data
– willingness to share data
– incentive to share data
– impediment to shared data
– technical capability
– resource for sharing
Very comprehensive list of factors that can be rated based on existing exchanges
3 Azad And Wiggins 1995 Typology based or inter organizational relations and dynamics – Organizational autonomy is a critical issue in data sharing Attempts to classify organisation dynamics and behaviour (Oliver1990)
4 Wiliam J. 1995 Why we can not share data?  Institutional inertia Frame work recognises
institutional issue
5 IOPTC Research Concept 2007 Based on inter-organizational relation adapted from taxonomy spatial data sharing model – Geo information institutional Issue
– metadata standard
– Data use policy
– Digital processing (e-work)
– Network connection
– Geo information managerial Issue
– Database management System
– Online data process
– Web-based application
– Organization ICT knowledge
Attempts to classify organizational elements based on experience of field work result

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