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Jan 2008 | Comments Off on “The customer should benefit”

Ajay Seth,
Managing Director of Elcome Technologies on being acquired by Hexagon

What was the thought behind this acquisition?

The Indian market is growing very rapidly. From Hexagon’s perspective as well as the Indian point of view, we need to grow faster and this requires investment. Hexagon could help us achieve this …

Dec 2007 | No Comment

Rakesh Verma

CEO, MapMyIndia,

CE Systems on navigation market in India

How do you see the success of the Navigator in India where we culturally depend on word of mouth for directions?
There is a significant need for a GPS navigation device for all India . Depending on word of mouth for directions has set in as culture in …

Nov 2007 | No Comment

JUPEM is working in tune with new technologies. One of the biggest project is e-Cadastre project. The project has started this year and will be completed by the end of next year. The project envisages a complete digital cadastral database of high quality and integrity. For this purpose, advance techniques and methodologies have been employed like GPS etc.

Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Everyone gets it or no-one does


— Michael Shaw, Director of the National Coordination Office for Space- Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT), on the availability of GPS signals around the world

What’s …

Jun 2007 | Comments Off on “We have a unique style, pallette and typography”

Mission of National Geographic?
The mission on National Geographic is “the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge” taken more broadly it also entails inspiring people to care about the planet.
What kinds of maps are prepared? What’s so unique about them?
We create a variety of political, thematic, physical, and topographic maps. With few exceptions …

Jun 2007 | Comments Off on “Market needs will decide a nation’s geospatial policy”

What is the potential of high resolution imageries?
There has been a great increase in awareness about high resolution satellite and aerial imagery. The credit goes to the players like Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo, and Google Earth. In many countries nowadays, even kids talk about on-line imagery and maps. It is bringing …

Apr 2007 | Comments Off on Printed maps will continue to be in demand

although distribution mechanisms and types of products available may change

IMTA claims to be “the voice of the industry worldwide”. Please comment.
The IMTA was established over 25 …

Mar 2007 | Comments Off on One should not rely on a single source for PNT information

Navigare Necesse Est is the Latin tag that underpins the basic necessity of all forms of life to fi nd their way to survive and prosper. Today’s new world of ubiquitous electronic navigation supremely illustrates that dictum. Says Dick Smith, newly elected President of the International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN)

Would you …

Mar 2007 | Comments Off on Tension between surveying and GIS: A growing challenge

Jack Dangermond shares his observations with Coordinates

Challenges that Coordinates should focus on

A big challenge is integrating the surveying profession with the GIS profession. There’s a growing tension between them. One of the bridges that I want to accomplish this year is integrating the technology so the surveyors can have tools within …

Mar 2007 | Comments Off on Satellite navigation cannot solve everything

Prof Dr Güenter W Hein, Director of the Institute of Geodesy and Navigation, University FAF, Munich, on GNSS trends, applications and challenges

Please tell us about the focus of research at your Institute.
The Institute of Geodesy and Navigation of the University FAF Munich with presently more than 30 research associates from various …