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NHAI makes drone survey mandatory for all national highways projects

In order to enhance transparency, uniformity and leverage latest technology, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has made mandatory use of drones for monthly video recording of National Highway projects during all stages of development, construction, operation and maintenance.

Contractors and Concessionaires shall carry out the drone video recording in presence of Team Leader of the Supervision Consultant and upload comparative project videos of the current and last month on NHAI’s portal ‘Data Lake’, capturing various project related developments during the month. Supervision Consultants shall analyse these videos and will provide their comments on the digital monthly progress reports covering various aspects of the project development.

Additionally, Project Directors of NHAI shall undertake monthly drone survey from the date of signing of contract agreement till start of construction of the project at site and also on completion of the project. NHAI will also undertake monthly drone survey in all developed projects where NHAI is responsible for operation and maintenance.

Apart from this, mandatory deployment of Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) to carry out road condition survey on the National Highways to enhance quality will enhance the overall quality of the highways as NSV uses latest survey techniques such as high-resolution digital camera for 360 degree imagery, Laser Road Profilometer and other latest technology for measurement of distress in road surface.

Walmart invests in DroneUp

In our ongoing effort to get customers the items they want, and fast, we know it will take a well-coordinated network of delivery solutions that span the streets, sidewalks and skies. Some of these solutions are still emerging, but they’re already showing encouraging results.

Last year, we partnered with DroneUp, a nationwide drone services provider, to launch trial deliveries of at-home COVID-19 self-collection kits. The trial demonstrated we could offer customers delivery in minutes versus hours. Now, after safely completing hundreds of drone deliveries from Walmart stores, we’re making an investment in DroneUp to continue our work toward developing a scalable last-mile delivery solution.

DroneUp operates an on-demand drone delivery network that matches their database of more than 10,000 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified pilots to missions nationwide. Conducting drone deliveries at scale is within reach. DroneUp’s expertise, combined with our retail footprint and proven history of logistics innovation, puts us right where we want to be for that day. Because when it comes to the future of drone delivery, we know the sky’s the limit.

By John Furner, CEO and President, Walmart U.S.

Parrot unveils ANAFI Ai

Parrot, a leading European drone group has announced ANAFI Ai: a drone that sets new standards and capabilities for professionals.

ANAFI Ai is the first drone to use 4G as the main data link between the drone and the operator, which is a game changer for the drone industry. Users will no longer experience transmission limitations thanks to ANAFI Ai’s 4G connectivity, which enables precise control at any distance. For Beyond Visual Line of Sight flights, it stays connected even behind obstacles.

For the first time, ANAFI Ai embeds a Secure Element in the drone and in its Skycontroller 4. The 4G link between the drone and the user’s phone is encrypted. The Secure Element protects both the integrity of the software and the privacy of data transferred. ANAFI Ai’s uniquely designed obstacleavoidance (OA) system detects obstacles in all directions, using stereo cameras to sense objects and automatically avoid them.

Axon and DroneSense partnership

Axon, the software platform for drones in public safety, has announced a strategic partnership to provide public safety agencies with an end-to-end drone software solution, including piloting, administration, evidence management and live streaming.

Axon will implement DroneSense’s piloting, program management and operations solution via Axon’s unmanned aircraft program, Axon Air. DroneSense will also integrate its offering with Axon’s digital evidence management platform, Axon Evidence, and real-time operations hub, Axon Respond, to provide agencies with a comprehensive solution to start and operate a drone program. This integration will streamline first responder and drone pilot communications.

senseFly Introduces eBee TAC Fixed-wing UAS

senseFly have launched of eBee TAC, an advanced fixed-wing Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) optimized for covert tactical mapping operations in defense, security and governmental sectors. The eBee TAC offers active field personnel access to accurate and reliable location data and maps, delivering the field intelligence and situational awareness needed to act with confidence and precision across rapidly-changing environments. At just 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs), eBee TAC is a lightweight, ultra-portable and robust solution specially designed for tactical mapping and analysis in defense applications and is currently employed by U.S. forces.

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