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As traffic jam is getting a bad reality in our times, realistic information on the traffic situation together with optimized routing to reduce overall waiting time on the trip become more and more valuable all over the world. But how to vlaidate, if the information provided is reliable and trutsworthy? On the first look, this sounds easy, but as truth is in the details, a lot of hurdles have to be passed for a successful finish.

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The Netherlands are a small country in the North West part of Europe with a high density of population. The area of only 41.000 km² is used by 16 Mio. Inhabitants, resulting into 400 inhabitants per km². There is an excellent infrastructure with 2.300 km of motorways and 137.000 km of roads in total complemented by a network of railways and bicycle tracks. The roads are used by 8 Mio. cars and 140.000 heavy goods vehicles. Although…

Apr 2008 | Comments Off on Is certification of Galileo a bureaucratic overhead?

GPs is running since more than a decade. There are user groups in all domains relying on the provided information. GPS is even used in safety critical environment, but there have been no certification of the GPS system nor are there any plans to do so. Within aviation, GPS is assumed to fulfill requirement on reliability and availability based on observations of the past. Is the discussion in Europe about certification of the Galileo SIS (Signal in Space) just another proof for the bureaucratic overhead imposed on the Galileo project? NavCert as part of the TÜV SÜD group is focused on certification in the area of positioning and navigation.