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The paper proposes an approach using a distributed ledger (blockchain) besides a configuable IoT-based system to take into account all needed data including specific case of urban area

Marouane El Midaoui

Signals, Distributed Systems and Artificial Intelligence ENSET Mohammedia, University Hassan II OF Casablanca, Morocco

El Mehdi Ben Laoula

Signals, Distributed Systems and Artificial Intelligence ENSET Mohammedia, University Hassan …

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Hitachi launches Lumada Inspection Insights
Hitachi, Ltd. has launched Lumada Inspection Insights, its end-to-end portfolio of digital solutions for the inspection, monitoring, and optimization of critical assets. It enables customers to automate asset inspection, support sustainability goals, improve physical security, and reduce risks and impacts related to storms or fires by using powerful artificial intelligence …

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Tesla vehicles to get a “major navigation overhaul” in 2018
Tesla is reworking its approach to in-car navigation, and will deploy a “major navigation overhaul” in “early 2018,” per Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who shared the news in response to a customer inquiry on Twitter. Musk added that the rollout will only take place after …

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South Korean operator SK Telecom has announced that its subsidiary SK Planet will spin off its location-based services (LBS) unit and merge with SK Telecom…

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As smartphones with function of satellite navigation positioning become popular, the public can enjoy LBS very conveniently. However, the traditional LBS has been restricted outdoor over a long period of time…

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Pitney Bowes Inc. and IBM have announced collaboration on IBM’s codename “BlueMix” platform-as-aservice to develop new hybrid cloud location services that help businesses unearth deeper connections between their customers, their geography, and their networks to deliver more…

Sep 2011 | No Comment

Location Base Services (LBS) is service mechanisms that provides information about the location and take advantage of the location. Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of Devices that inform the position. Mobile phone GPS has the advantage because they can be used also as a means of communication and the completeness of the camera (photo and video) resolution good enough to take photos that have coordinates ((Geo)tagging photo) and can be sent directly to the office for more information .

Aug 2011 | No Comment

As traffic jam is getting a bad reality in our times, realistic information on the traffic situation together with optimized routing to reduce overall waiting time on the trip become more and more valuable all over the world. But how to vlaidate, if the information provided is reliable and trutsworthy? On the first look, this sounds easy, but as truth is in the details, a lot of hurdles have to be passed for a successful finish.

Apr 2011 | No Comment

Today, mobile devices are not only tools for the communications but also personal assistants. People could use the mobile device built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to search for information based on his/her location, thus called Location Based Service (LBS). However, due to the GPS signal propagation limit, the positioning and navigation services are discontinued when the user enters the indoor environments. When users are in the indoor environments, how to continuously obtain their locations becomes a popular research topic.

Nov 2010 | No Comment

Gianluca Falco, Fabrizio Dominici, Gianluca Marucco, Antonio Defina

The integration of navigation and communication functionalities is one of the key elements exploited in new location-based systems and services

GNSS technologies are progressively becoming one of the key elements in most of innovative wireless applications. Most location-based services and systems are in fact …