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The malaria endemic problem is major concern in the 14 States and Union Territories. The malaria endemic has been severe threaten to the people of highland areas of north eastern states and the eight other states in India..

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The disability problem due to Lmphatic Filariasis (LF) disease has been reported in 80 countries Ottesan EA (2000). Globally, the 1.1 billion people are exposed to risk of LF and the estimated LF affected population is 120 million Ottesan EA (2000), Michael E et al. (1996). Our recent estimation showed that there are 21 million diseased individuals in India alone Sabesan S et al. (2000) contributing approximately 40 per cent of global burden. A progressive lymphadema with increasing episodic attack adenolymphngistis (ADL) is the most important cause of physical suffering, permanent disability Pani SP and Lall R (1998) and the economic loss of the affected individuals and the community Ramaiah KD et al. (1998, 1999, 2000). Apart from these LF is also responsible for social problems including sexual disability and discomfort of marital life Dreyer G et al (1997).