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Oct 2012 | 2 Comments

Through all of these changes, there have been some fundamental challenges that seem to me to be an ongoing part of academic life in any professional school. They are challenges that seem to confront many university surveying programs in the world. These and the solutions that we have adopted are the subject of this article.

Sep 2009 | No Comment

In the rapidly changing economic, technological, political, and social environment that characterises the world as we see it in the 21st Century, every profession faces major challenges, surveying being no exception. While some of these challenges are common across all professions, others are specific to the surveying community. In this discussion I choose to separate the challenges facing the surveying profession into these two categories…

Oct 2008 | No Comment

Surveying is a service oriented profession, by making maps we do service to the society. The more you serve the society, the more the profession will be known. In a country like India, there is a huge requirement of professionals in the domain of surveying. In the 1970’s a study was done to assess the requirements of the country and even then it was felt that there was need forthree Survey of India (SOI)…