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RapidEye has China covered

RapidEye have successfully completed a contract to image 7.8 Million km² of the country of China ahead of schedule. The contract is with the Ministry of Land and Resources of China. “What the Ministry wanted was 80% of China, almost 8 Million square kilometers, with less than 10% cloud cover in a six month time window,” remarked Head of RapidEye’s Operations Department. Most areas of the country were imaged five, and in some cases six times in order to fulfill the contractual requirements.

Netherlands@ 10cm available

Aerodata International Surveys has successfully completed the NL2009 10cm project covering the entire territory of the Netherlands (over 40.000 sq km). During 2009 nearly 100.000 images were acquired and processed to a seamless orthophoto mosaic of 10cm.

Bangladesh seeks help in setting up RS satellites

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has sought Chinese support and cooperation in satellite launching and setting up remote sensing satellite and providing scholarship facilities to the foreign service officials.

PCI Geomatics signs contract with BSEI

PCI Geomatics has signed a million dollar contract with Beijing Space Eye Innovation Technology Co. Ltd. to supply an automated image processing system to the China Centre for Resources Satellite Data and Application.

Nano satellite Jugnu ready

At IIT-Kanpur a team of students, working under Dr NS Vyas and other faculty members of the institute, have successfully made the India’s first nanosatellite. Weighing less than three kg and with most functionalities of a normal satellite on a small platform, the payload of the satellite will include an indigenously designed camera for near remote sensing and a GPS receiver. ‘Jugnu’ will transmit blinking signal at all times, all over the Earth.

Indian land scam investigation

Karnataka, India: A central government appointed probe panel has found “sufficient evidence” of land grabbing against the controversial Karnataka High Court Chief Justice, PD Dinakaran.. The survey team has taken the help of National Remote Sensing Centre for satellite images and used the GPS and other instruments to verify the facts.

Shoreline Mapping Solution

Applanix LANDMark™ Marine mobile mapping solution enables the creation of seamless models of near shore environments by providing a highly accurate geo-referenced point cloud which integrates with equivalent multibeam sonar data.

Optech CMS V400

Optech’s CMS V400 is a scanning solution for dangerous and inaccessible cavities, offering improved safety in standard mining operations. The system is easy to transport and set up, and is fully programmable, allowing the user to define scan parameters such as elevation step, azimuth step and scan limits.

China launches surveillance satellite

China has launched Yaogan IX, remote sensing satellite. The purpose and performance are similar to the US white cloud system. This would be used to conduct scientific experiments, carry out surveys on land resources, forecast grain output and help with natural disaster reduction and prevention endeavour.

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