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Paul van der Molen
In the book ‘Congo’ (2010), the author David van Reijbrouck reports about the roundtable conference in Brussels in January 1960. There, the Belgian and Congolese delegation agreed on independence of the Congo already in June of that year. From an institutional side, hardly anything was in place in the -soon ‘former’- colony. Executive staff was panicking: ‘how to get a popular census in place in six months, a number plate administration, a cadastre…’.

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May 2011: FIG Working Week 2011, 18 – 22 May, Marrakech, Morocco, www.fig.net;
5th GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference, 23 – 25 May, Baska, Krk Island, Croatia, http://www.rin.org.uk/;

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Geo Week
6-8 February, 2022
Denver, CO, USA

DGI Geospatial Intelligence for National Security
08-09 February 2022
London, United Kingdom

GeoIgnite Winter Geo 2022
1-2 March

IGRSM 2022 (Virtual Conf)

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Best practice implementations needs to reflect experience: with cost effective world leading operational national systems; several generations of change i.e. experience with different models of private sector and public sector collaboration; in creating and extending systems of policy, regulation and governance; of the affects of different governance regimes, cultures and from international programmes. They therefore need to cover:

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“The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said, ‘This is mine,’ and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society.” (from Discours sur l’Origine et le Fondement de l’Inégalité Parmi les Hommes, 1754, – Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

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Metadata is commonly defined as “data about data” and also plays a critical role in any Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) initiatives. Metadata not only provides users of spatial data with information about the purpose, quality, actuality and accuracy of spatial datasets, but also performs vital functions that make spatial data interoperable, that is, capable of being shared between systems…

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Vol. VI, Issue 2, Feb 2010



Defining civil PNT requirements

John W Lavrakas

MISSION 2020: Land Titling Project

P Misra

GNSS support to canine search and rescue

José Caro and Manuel Prieto

Fuzzy strong tracking unscented
Kalman filter

Dah-Jing Jwo, Fong-Chi Chung and Shih-Yao Lai

My Coordinates



Land administration for sustainable development


The First Asia Oceania Regional Workshop, Survey camp



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The Global Positioning System(GPS) (Brown and Hwang 1997; Farrell and Barth 1999; Gelb 1974) and inertial navigation system (INS) have complementary operational characteristics and the synergy of both systems has been widely explored. An integrated GPS/INS system is typically carried out through the extended Kalman filter (EKF). The EKF is the approximate nonlinear filters which linearizes the system…

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Earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, collapsed buildings… There are many situations in which people could suddenly become trapped and unable to free themselves without the assistance of search and rescue professionals…

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Consider the scenario, date 1.1.2020: “Mr. A buys property in Meerut, city in Uttar Pradesh (UP), India from Mr. B in Dec 2019. The ownership-title that Mr. B is the Owner, is guaranteed by the Government Registrar. As a matter of fact, all the properties with the names of their owner are recorded centrally in the computer in the office of Land Survey Department of UP. The location like trees and wells, etc are all photographed on an aerial photograph…