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Nexar achieves 40x reduction in real-time mapping costs

Jun 2023 | No Comment

Nexar announced that it has achieved a dramatic 40x reduction in the cost of real-time mapping by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, edge AI, change detection, and crowdsourcing.

As a result, Nexar’s CityStream Live platform is making real-time mapping data more accessible to the mobility industry than ever before.

Real-time mapping has become increasingly crucial, particularly as an enabler of advanced mobility services, autonomous vehicles, and smart city initiatives. However, traditional map-making methods can’t keep up with the demand for real-time data due to their high costs and labor-intensive processes.

Typically,  mapping involves deploying fleets of dedicated vehicles and employing manual data annotation. As a result, conventional mapping techniques are prohibitively expensive and produce outdated map layers, limiting their utility in modern, data-driven applications.

Nexar dramatically reduces the costs of real-time mapping by leveraging a crowdsourced network of camera-equipped vehicles with more than 700,000 “eyes on the road”. This network captures 94% of US roads each month and 3 billion miles of road vision data per year.

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