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India goes to Mars

It was September 24, 2014.

A proud day for Indian Space Research Organisation

(ISRO) scientists and fellow Indians.

Mars Orbiter Spacecraft

which was launched on-board India’s launch vehicle PSLV on November 5, 2013

After a journey of over 660 million kilometers and 10 months,

Successfully entered into an orbit around planet Mars.

The first ever country to achieve this feat in the very first attempt,

India has thus joined an exclusive global club as the fourth member,

and become the first Asian nation to succeed in its Mars mission.

So far this was achieved by the United States, the former

Soviet Union and the European Space Agency.

Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) is the cheapest inter-planetary mission.

It cost about a tenth of Nasa’s Mars mission Maven.

Kudos to ISRO.

And thanks for bringing pride and hope for the nation.

Bal Krishna, Editor

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